Thursday, June 18, 2009

大东虾面 (17th June 2009)

I went around Singapore trying to find lunch for an hour.... from Joo Chiat, to Jalan Besar, and around little india.... .end up with... Da Dong prawn noodles....

This is the 2nd time I been to this place... 1st time I went was thru recommendation from a blog. Maybe I went there with my family, the feeling was rather pleasent.

This time round, I was served by 2 grumpy person. Because I know that they are rather friendly, so I excused them. I ordered the dried yellow noodles and with a bowl of pigtail ... Read Moresoup, as the blog suggested. Quickly giving it a few shots, I started eating. The noodles are slightly plain and with the lard bits and a bit of chilli, didn't exactly stand out compared to any other stalls. The prawns used were fresh and plump, which I like.

Come to the soup, maybe it had been boiling since morning... there was a very strong taste of "pork". After drinking a few spoonfuls, it started getting rather sickening.

This stall does serve a decent prawn noodles for the price I had paid. Mornings would be the best time to go for a frenly service n not a stuck up which one would find in some of those fancy high class places.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moving to Facebook!!

haha I have to agree that I am not the best writer in town.
So I am moving to FACEBOOK!!!!

but feel free to add me :p