Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shiraishi Restaurant

Everyday, Missy strives to eat lunch as well as she can.  Having a leap day or hump day is a super duper excellent and very very great excuse to put more money towards a meal.   After having to tell the whole world (Missy’s whole world) about her must to have such a meal, she quickly narrowed down to Japanese food.  In her opinion, the easiest food to impress her is Japanese.  Not much cooking skills needed when it comes to sashimi, in her opinions.

She knew of a Japanese restaurant in The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.  Shiraishi Restaurant was the choice for leap day of year 2012.  As there isn’t much can be said about Japanese food, it was either good or bad.  Some of the great hits were the Hotaruika no shiokara (fermented firefly squid), Saimaki-bei tempura (deep fried japanese prawns), the special tuna soup and the rice. 

Hotaruika no shiokara was not overpowering, the little bits of yuzu zest add an excellent addition to this appetizer.  Even if one doesn’t like fermented firefly squid, it will be a dish that would still be acceptable.

Saimaki-bei tempura (deep fried japanese prawns) is excellent.  Why?  The batter is light and not heavy.  The prawns are not the regular ones found in the market.  They were petite, firm and packed a punch with their crispy heads.

Although the tuna soup seemed innocent and light, it had such great depth to it.  Ignore the oily streaks.  Every mouthful of the tuna soup got Missy plotting how she could convince herself to go back.  Maybe she should have look thru the menu if they serve this soup a la carte.

At the beginning of the order, she told the service staff she didn’t want too much rice.  The rice took the center stage every time it was served with some pieces of fish.  Rice getting praise from a person who been eating rice daily for the past 30+ years is no mean feat.

Having to hear so much praises about this place, Missy admitted she went with high expectations.  After tasting what they had offered, she fell right back on earth.  Money definitely will not give her great sashimi.  Is there no great Japanese restaurant serving great sashimi in Singapore?   Or she just needs to find a way to reset her taste buds.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fat Cow

After reading so much about a place that is offering great beef cuts, Missy wanted so much to go.  It was only recently when Fat Cow decided to open for lunches.  Understanding that it took over the location of another restaurant, Missy was faced with a sign directing her to the front door.  Missy almost missed the door, if not a service staff happened to walk out. 

Missy was directed to the counter seat   As she was there early, it was really uncomfortable with the chefs walking around. As they are there, it was quite awkward to ignore them.  Missy just wanted a simple and quiet lunch with her iPhone at a corner.

She ordered two appetizers to start with.  Braised oxtail with truffles… was not as good as she hope for.  The beef pieces were a bit too tough for her liking.

The second appetizer was Wagyu Ox Tendon and Foie Gras (Slow cooked wagyu ox tendon with pan seared foie gras and braised daikon).  Missy thinks both dishes were not as fantastic as she was hoping it to be.  The tastes of both dishes just didn’t fulfill the promise by their smells.  Was extremely disappointed after taking in both dishes, just like she had been with her recent attempts at making soups.

Wagyu Donburi lunch set was next.  First came the salad, zucchini tempura and a chawanmushi.  Zucchini tempura was light and crisp, fabulous!   The chawanmushi came with ladyfinger pieces in it… Missy not not a fan of ladyfingers.  The sauce lightens the taste of ladyfinger, giving Missy an opportunity to appreciate the spicy taste that is different from others. 

Sliced wagyu beef, onsen egg and shiro negi rice bowl came with a surprise.  The best part of this slice bowl was not the wagyu, not the egg or the negi.  The mustard bits and the sauce was what made this bowl of rice enjoyable.

Dessert was nothing great.  Just a few slices of fruits and a scoop of ice cream.

Missy felt she could have ordered the wrong dishes at Fat Cow.  Given the price she had paid, she wished her choices had been the right one.   She should visit the place and order the beef, which they are supposed to be famous for.