Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gunther's (19th Jan 2008)

modern French Cuisine... I think this can easily be my favorite french restaurant for this coming year!!!
the chef was fantastic... given the fact that there wasn't much vegetarian choices in the menu... He managed to come up with a great selection for me and for that i am very surprised and pleased!
and the waiters were terriblely patient with a person who had asked for change of glasses twice!! and it's not that they did a bad job cleaning the glasses... but rather... these types of glasses stained easily... :D
It was a wonderful experience and i would definitely encourage ppl to go there... and I would also recommend the place to MOST of my friends!!!


Angel hair with truffle... *YUM*

Angel hair with truffle... *YUM*
I am glad this is a small portion... cause it got slightly heavy after a few mouthfuls...

Asparagus  with Ravioli

Asparagus with Ravioli
Grilled asparagus and ...ravioli with a surprise in it... (think of sunrise)

The Ravioli surprise

the yolk is indeed a surprise!cause i thought that it's some minced vegetable in it... but when icut it opened... the yolk flowed out!!! I love eggs!! hehehe

Onion Confit

Onion Confit
This a fantastic dish!!! the onions were cooked to perfection... did i mention that this is not in the menu and the chef just came up with these dishes when i informed the waiter i was a vegetarian.... Once again Great job, CHEF!

(on a side note.... I am not a PERM vegetarian.... so don't eye on my portion of food!! )

Special Baked potato.... ( i did not catch the name)

Special Baked potato.... ( i did not catch the name)
Potato baked in a pot... with grass and a ring of pastry to seal it...
I am not a fan of potato..... (maybe i can accept a few bags or maybe a few cartons of potato chips..... )

Special Baked potato.... ( i did not catch the name)

and this was how it came as...


Souffle (I love the souffle... but just don't like the bottom alcoholic part... )

Cheese!! (from France)

Cheese!! (from France)
I always prefer my cheese with cracker... but breads are fine too... if they are good ones...

and lastly.... Petits fours and we have the

Petits fours- Cannele

Cannele with my teeth marks!!!

Petits fours- Marcoon

Marcoon (which are not that good....)

BUt all in all, it was a fantastic meal!!! :D and they said frist impressions count :)

Tea Bone Zen Mind (19th Jan 2008)

Name of the place...

this was a hard place for me to find... I saw it in a program on TV, but i did not managed to get the address of the place... when i saw one of my contacts (aka another food blogger) went there... I was soooooooooo glad and went there as soon as i could.... :)
It is a great place to relax and have tea... and it's so peaceful there... :D

Random shot
Along with the menu, came a nice towel (or napkin) to cleanse urself of the dust ...

Ginger Tea set

Ginger person cookie

Ginger Tea set (am never going to be a ginger tea fan!!! )
And i confess... I only took the sugared gingerbread man lookalike cookie !!! :D

Tea Wing
Tea Wing
I tot it was some plain honey bbq chicken wings... but it actually had a distinct taste of tea to it... :D

And my most most most loved items at this place are their

Tea Egg

a) Tea Egg ( I heard much preparations had gone into creating one of these babies.... I would usually call and pre order before heading there... don't want to be disappointed)

Cucumber Sandwich

b) Cucumber Sandwich (this place is where I learnt how to make my cucumber sandwich... I went there almost everyday.... for about a week... before i actually learnt what's in there... I know I know... I'm a slow learner)

Rambutan Tea Set

as you will know... I have a super sweet tooth!!! and this is my almost sure to order drink set... and i looooooooooooooooove the cuttle fish snack that comes along with it. :P

you can see more pictures of this place at

Reif + James (27 Nov 2007)

Saw this restaurant a few times... thought it looks quite funky... so i wanted to try it.
so got the chance to do it at last...
It's a European cusine with an Asian twist....
Random shot

A cup of nice iced tea to start my meal...


surprisingly this is qutie good :D

Roasted Vegetables

Roasted Vegetableswith feta cheese + mesclun salad in honey vinaigrette
I didn't expect a whole chunk of salad at the bottom!!! i don't like !! and not enough roasted veggieee... :(
and the feta cheese.... so so only!!! and not enough of salad dressing!!!

Fresh Crab Claws

Fresh Crab Claws

Fresh Crab Claws

Fresh Crab Clawswith pinenuts + chilli padi in white wine sauce
I thought the chilli padi would make this dish spicy.. they had only put in a little.. maybe cause I didn't want capsicum for my roasted vegetables....
and secondly!! where is the claws!!! I only see crab meat!!! *rolleyes*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lunch @ Meidu (Nov 22 2007)

Random shot

yeah!! lunch at Meidu!! I like their dong po rou and oso their fish head soup!!!But because i don't eat too much... so i have to find co workers who are willing to go with me, and putting up with eating more than needed *laughs*

Fish head soup!!

Fish head soup!!
Stired fried pork belly with salted fish!

Stired fried pork belly with salted fish!

This is actually good!!! though it's slightly uglweee but it's good!
I love to take it with a bit of spring onion, a bit of salted fish... and alot of pork belly!!!

Dong po rou!!!

Dong po rou!!!

this was good!!! I got my colleages to eat the lean meat haha I took most of the fats!!!!

Bai Ling With Spinach

Bai Ling With Spinach
it's a mushroom trust me!!!I thought it was abalone... but it was mushroom!!!

Inagiku @ Raffles The Plaza


A lunch with a fren at Inagiku... Quite a good resturant, esp with the lunch sets and of course, the Feed at Raffles card!!


Ika Shiokara!!
which is also know as salt cured squid... I think it's a rather unique dish.. most people would know how to enjoy it!! which is GREAT!! then i can have more *Laughs*


Grilled smelt fish!!!


Hamanako Unagi Lunch SET!!!
It's quite a good deal for this.... look for individual pictures of them...


I think this is the free salad... I was quite hungry, so i actually finished the whole plate... VEGGIE! a plate of veggie.... RAW VEGGIEE!! now i feel my tummy churning...



Sweet Shrimp and Seabass Sashimi!!they are quite sweet.... :P


Cabbage Pickle.... I didn't like it as much... there was a sourish taste, which i didn't take well...


Jidori Omelette and Grilled eel
This wasn't as good as i hope it would be.... the sauce was not sweet at all.. n it's quite bland...


Eel's Liver Soup!!!Unique taste indeed... the meatball is quite good as well. And of course the nice little liver in there do helps quite a bit... *yum*


Grilled Hamanako Eel on top of rice !The eel was GOOD!!! nice and fatty and i love the skin of it tooo!!! Generous serving as welll....



Tempura Prawn head!!!
*yum* it's quite good!!!take it from a person who loves the heads of prawn!! or shrimps!!!


Blood clams sashimi or see ham !!
or they said it's Akagai... who am i to argue with the experts...
And Botan Ebi!
to me, it's just shrimp or prawn... fancy names don't really get me excitied...



Peach Crepe...
It has a slice of peach (Canned one) and a slice of banana too!!! I like the chocolate... otherwise.... it's just okay!

Poison Ivy @ Bollywood


This is an interesting place to have lunch, they do serve meat and some other delicious veggies as well.... There is also dessert which are not too bad either...


Banana Curry...
This is quite cool... I like the curry and the fact that it doesn't really have a strong banana taste...

Papaya salad....
not much impression of it... except my fren said that it's less sour than what's out there...

Banana Flower Lemak
according to my fren... this has the texture of meat...., which i wish it doesn't have...


Kueh Kosui...
Made from flour and gula melaka (some form of black sugar, which i really like) ... this is not too sweet and the texture is quite good tooo


Jackfruit Cake..... Interesting taste... I think one slice shared would be just nice...

Look at the way they are keeping money... so cute... so old fashion... maybe i should try one of these.. But i will end up having too many types of boxes...

Address:100 Neo Tiew Road
Tel: 6898 5001