Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tea Bone Zen Mind (19th Jan 2008)

Name of the place...

this was a hard place for me to find... I saw it in a program on TV, but i did not managed to get the address of the place... when i saw one of my contacts (aka another food blogger) went there... I was soooooooooo glad and went there as soon as i could.... :)
It is a great place to relax and have tea... and it's so peaceful there... :D

Random shot
Along with the menu, came a nice towel (or napkin) to cleanse urself of the dust ...

Ginger Tea set

Ginger person cookie

Ginger Tea set (am never going to be a ginger tea fan!!! )
And i confess... I only took the sugared gingerbread man lookalike cookie !!! :D

Tea Wing
Tea Wing
I tot it was some plain honey bbq chicken wings... but it actually had a distinct taste of tea to it... :D

And my most most most loved items at this place are their

Tea Egg

a) Tea Egg ( I heard much preparations had gone into creating one of these babies.... I would usually call and pre order before heading there... don't want to be disappointed)

Cucumber Sandwich

b) Cucumber Sandwich (this place is where I learnt how to make my cucumber sandwich... I went there almost everyday.... for about a week... before i actually learnt what's in there... I know I know... I'm a slow learner)

Rambutan Tea Set

as you will know... I have a super sweet tooth!!! and this is my almost sure to order drink set... and i looooooooooooooooove the cuttle fish snack that comes along with it. :P

you can see more pictures of this place at

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