Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A good place for italian food!
The service was fantastic.. the moment I drove up, the valet was there... which i doubt is really the valet... and they actually greet me by my name... that's really surprising. (*hint* I love good services)
The waitress came and recommended the dishes.. though she kept rambling on... I wish she would speak louder... or is it that my attention was devoted to the fantastic pesto... which I asked for 2nd servings...
The food was GREAT... the chef even came by to introduce some of his specials for today and other days.. which is great... at least i can plan for the next few lunches...
Btw what really impressed me was the WARM plates.. Just the right touch!


Pesto with warm Bread!!!
VERY NICE!! *yum*

Supposingly to be Bacon wrapped Mozzarella Cheese
This is SOOOOOOOOOOo good!! it's almost sinful... well almost.. but i think the cardiologist is informed of my decision to devour this...


Beef CarpaccioThinly Sliced Raw Beef moistened with olive oil and lemon juice...
This is good too... but it's not my order so i can't eat too much of it.. *sulks*

Risotto ai Funghi Porcini!
Traditional Italian Rice cooked with Mushrooms
The Risotto is not too bad... the mushroom is a bit cold in the middle...
but on the whole is not too bad!!

Gnocchi ai Formaggi!!

Homemade Potato Dumpling with Cheese Sauce
This is so much better than MAggi!! :pThe potato dumpling is quite addictive!!! And it's VERY nicely done! Just Fantastic!!!


Some fruit tart....
don't waste time...

NICE NICE NICE!! I still can remember the conversation i had...
"I Only want 1!!" At the end of 2, i wish i only asked for 10!!! *drools*

_1033853 _1033803

Some of the extra touches... :D


Ristorante Da Valentino
Address: 11 Jalan Bingka, Mayfair Park
Tel: 6462 0555

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