Friday, October 31, 2008

Tea @ Tong Ah Seafood Restaurant (30th Oct 2008)

Spicy food should always follow by my favorite sickening sweet Milk Tea with lots and lots of milk. and there is of course a need for some kaya toast.. :) *Heaven*

My favorite teh ka da!!! which is Tea with extra milk!!! :P

Milk tea - DSC_3757

Milk tea - DSC_3754

And their great Kaya toast with butter!!!
Kaya toast - DSC_3769

the only one left - DSC_3782

Saved the last bit for my flickr buddies...but... couldn't resist... so I popped it into my mouth...

Kaya toast - DSC_3778

My visit was.... a disappointment... cause the milk tea was not sweet enough... I should have told them to change it... but I decided it could be a one off thing... and it was... proved by the take away teh... *slurps*

Bukang Tuna (30th Oct 2008)

Napkin - DSC_3664

A visit to one of the Korean restaurant :)

Things - DSC_3653

The different types of side dishes...

Luncheon meat aka spam (it's fried with a thin layer of egg... I don't think I actually like this version of luncheon meat... I still like mine without the egg... and much thicker...

Luncheon meat aka spam - DSC_3706

Kimchi... the normal one.. but there are better ones elsewhere... :)
Kimchi - DSC_3701

Weird dish this is... I meant Broccoli with cheese i can take... but with chilli sauce... not really.

Broccoli with chilli sauce - DSC_3691

Mushroom salad... I like mushrooms... but not the rest of the stuffs that came along with it...

Mushroom salad - DSC_3679

Bamboo shoots... I think... didn't like, so I left it alone...

Bamboo shoots - DSC_3672

a steamed egg.... I like... it's well steamed and smooth :D

Steamed egg - DSC_3659

A bowl of rice... should be just right with my spicy soup... :D I like the way Koreans served the rice... in this nice metal bowl and a cover :) so nice and elegant in it's asian way.

A bowl of rice - DSC_3720

Spicy fish roe stew
I like spicy fish stew... I thought that having the fish roe might add a bit more fishy'ness to it... but I realize the taste was too much for me to handle.... I just drink the stew and did not eat the roe... and I think that's why they gave me some wasabi...

Spicy fish roe stew - DSC_3730

wasabi - DSC_3717

Spicy fish roe stew - DSC_3726

Sujunggwa i think... i love this drink... it's slightly spicy.. but yet quite cooling to have after a hot spicy meal :D

Sujunggwa  - DSC_3734

and some fruits to seal the deal..
Fruits - DSC_3743

I think this is a great korean resturant... the price ain't your food court price, your server ain't real koreans... but the food is great. They are very frenly. And can speak Korean well. I saw alot of Korean expats there, the food there should be quite similar to what they might get at home... which is one reason why they seemed to going there quite often.

The White Rabbit (28th Oct 2008)

Name of the place - DSC_3508

Had a rather horrible morning at work... decide to go for some comfort food... Heard about this place for a while... Tot it would make a good place to spend some time to indulge in my favorite hobby :)

The sign - DSC_3646

A basket of bread... which should I chooose... okie I went with my favorite ... Walnut.

Bread basket - DSC_3510Walnut bread - DSC_3513

Shallot Tart Tatin (served with parma ham and a delicate Roquefort cheese parfait.)
I think it is a very very nice dish... I had been a huge fan of bacon and oso caramlized shallots... along with the roquefort cheese parfait... *YUMMY* That's also the reason why I am posting a few more shots of this dish... cause I thought it was really good and would like to share all it's glory at all angles to u. :)

Shallot Tart Tatin - DSC_3532

Shallot Tart Tatin - DSC_3544

Shallot Tart Tatin - DSC_3549

Smoked salmon waldorf... I felt really bad for not finishing this dish... not because of the guilt that I am not eating my supposed intake quanity of veggies, but it's because the service staff (at least 3 times) came and enquired the reason for me not finishing the dish... and I kept repeating :" I am not a fan of vegetables" Saying that, I still like to say the lettuces were really fish and the cucumber strips were tasted great with the slightly sourish cream.

Smoked salmon waldorf - DSC_3562

Lamb Navarin (Braised lamb leg served with baby carrots, boiled potatoes.) I like my meat soft... something like melt in the mouth soft... nothing that need to be chewed on. This is dish is okay. I like the vegetables that came along the ride. I always prefer a heavier sauce.

Lamb Navarin - DSC_3580

Lamb Navarin - DSC_3571

Peas in Fear!!! haha but like one of my frens commented "well, if this is yours, they have nothing to fear" . But unknown to my frens, I looooooooove peas, carrots all the "winter" vegetables :D so I had hunt all of them down and ate them. wa ha ha ha I think I am slightly sicko to be having fun at the expense of some peas. *grins*
Peas in fear!  - DSC_3588

Good desserts are always appreciated deeply by most people. I am quite a picky person when it comes to desserts.
Mars Bar Souffle (Served with hazelnut creme anglaise and chocolate sorbet.)
... it definitely worth the 20 mins wait!! VERY VERY THE NICE lor!!!
Mars Bar Souffle - DSC_3606

Mars Bar Souffle - DSC_3619

With the sweetness of the dessert, I vowed to return... to this wonderful place for their dessert
the doorway - DSC_3641

Apollo Banana leaf (26th Oct 2008)

If you had not guessed... Me, MissyGlutton Milk (ps. Milk is also my middle name for this alias, so... by right and by left, I am MissyGlutton Milk Milk :p) loooooooooooooves Indian food. I like the blend of spices too much :P My friend decides to organize a dinner for some out of town friends, so I voluntered to choose the restaurant. Of course, being senstive to overseas guests, I decided to choose Apollo Banana leaf, it would definitely satisfy the locals as well.

We were given some Pappadams... usual.

Pappadam - DSC_3351

And some naans... without fail, there will be people asking for naans... so I ordered some garlic and plain naans. We had some leftovers, so I packed it but I left it at the henna's store... :P I guess my doggies don't have the luck to have the nice naans.

Garlic Naan - DSC_3379

Safron Rice - some rice would go nicely with the curries we will be ordering :D I think this rice is nicely done... :) maybe it's just that I was really hungry...

Safron Rice - DSC_3361

Murg Makhni (Butter chicken) - this is something i don't think I like... I might have to try it one day... but then it's not today or that day.

Murg Makhni (Butter chicken) - DSC_3368

Rogan Josh - mutton in spiced gravy... I only picked those with tendons... or fats.. or the chewy parts of it.... so i thought it was deliciously chewy, just the way I liked it... though I don't know those who ended up having just the lean meat; felt about this dish.

Rogan Josh - DSC_3364

Mushrrom Aaanchurian ( Mushroom sauteed with spices )

this is quite... not very the appertizing... I won't eat, had I known it's quite good. Our overseas guests love this dish. I was too busy coverting my favorite dish... hehe

Mushrrom Aaanchurian - DSC_3417

Apolo Pepper Chicken (Marinated in masala & ground pepper)

I would not touch this dish with a ten feet pole... hang on... I think I passed this dish from left to right that night... okay, maybe I am just not going to eat this dish... I will still pass it around the table. I am not a fan of pepper... esp ground pepper.

Apolo Pepper Chicken - DSC_3410

Eye of a fish anyone? I looooooooove fish eye and the flesh that's under it... I meant it's definitely not a sight that alot of ppl will enjoy, but if you really like fish... you would totally enjoy the eyes and of course the flesh just below it. *yummy* I did offer to our overseas guests... but they choose to let me have it :D Such a nice group of people :) oh, I forgot this is part of the Curry fish head.

The delicious Eye!! - DSC_3411

And next is my favorite out of all my favorite indian dishes.

Saag Ghost (Mutton cubes in spinach gravy) I really love this dish... I can't seemed to find it readily... :( slightly sad about it. But since I can get it here, all's good.

Saag Ghost - DSC_3370

Tandoori mixed grill - it had fillets of chicken, lamb, pomfret fish, egg and prawns marinated in tandoor spice. I didn't eat this... I just ordered cause I thought it would be a safe dish to order for the overseas guest... maybe not.. cause there was much leftovers... :P

Tandoori mixed grill - DSC_3381

And this is the result of our indian feast!!! :)

The result of a good meal - DSC_3423

Meeting up with some flickr frens for a Little India shooting :)
Glad to have this experience of meeting up with new flickr frens and catching up with old ones :) And most important of all, LOTS of GOOD FOOD!!! :D

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jaan (25th Oct 2008)

The view..... how precious, yet boring it is...

Scenery from the restaurant - DSC_3191

Was supposed to have a meal with SOME frens... but some couldn't make it. We decide to get a nice lunch and meet up with another fren after. The lunch became quite a chat about life and our life purposes...... Interesting chat indeed... not that I had decided what my life purpose is. But it's not about me... and it's about the meal...
We got very slim breadsticks... one was the parmesan cheese stick and the other one was made with squid ink. I enjoyed the salty parmesan cheese sticks... but I didn't think too much of the squid ink ones.

Bread sticks - DSC_3020

Then we have the bread...

Bread - DSC_3026

Consomme de feuilles de combawa, aka Spiced Kaffir lime consomme, lightly smoked duck breast effiloche

I didn't try this... so I don't exactly know how it tasted... but I think it turned cold... after my friend waited ever so patiently for me to finish snapping the soup.

Consomme de feuilles de combawa - DSC_3046

Confit de saumon a la Mediterraneanne is Mediterranean Salmon confit, warm tomato ceviche Vierge; with baby herb salad and green apple cucumber sorbet....

Nice presentation... though the food ain't nothing to shout about. I have rather neutral feelings towards it... :P

Confit de saumon a la Mediterraneanne - DSC_3054

Confit de saumon a la Mediterraneanne - DSC_3068
And next I had Tartare de Saint-Jacques
it was... Hokkaido sea scallop tartar, oscietra caviar accompanied with herb baked baby potato"rattle". baby vegetables "a la grecque" I thought this was enjoyable. The scallop tartar definitely tasted better with the baby potato.

Tartare de Saint-Jacques  - DSC_3104

Tartare de Saint-Jacques  - DSC_3092

Creme Brule de foie gras du Perigord (Perigord foie gras creme brulee with spice bread powder)

My friend and I agreed that we prefer a piece of foie gras, I am sure we don't mind a huge slab of it ... making foie gras into such stage... cheated us of our experiences of eating that sinful oily and delicious piece of liver, which we were looking forward to...

Creme Brule de foie gras du Perigord - DSC_3070

Creme Brule de foie gras du Perigord - DSC_3084

Gigot d'agneau braise (Braised lamb shank in it's jus with spice, wild mushroom apricot cereal)
wasn't keen on red meat... so didn't take up the offer of a pc of the lamb shank... but had stolen a few forkfuls of the delicious cereal. I had on my friend's words, the lamb shank was nicely done.... Should I trust him? hmmm...

Gigot d'agneau braise - DSC_3131

Loup poele, risotto de courgette (Seared seabass filet on zucchini risotto, orange emulsion and fresh herb tempura )

I like!! I really like.... the tempura shiso was goood... the seabass had crispy skin and a moist and soft flesh... and the best part of it... the zucchini risotto... forget about al denta.. just do it the way i like it, slightly softer. The combination... Give me another one anytime!!! :D

Loup poele, risotto de courgette - DSC_3144

Gelee de rhubarbe et fraise vanille (Vanilla scented pink rhubarb and strawberry, verbena emulsion and black current sorbet)

Nay I didn't try this... didn't really like the sound of it... don't like the looks of it.. don't like, don't like, don't like! :p

Gelee de rhubarbe et fraise vanille - DSC_3153

Mousse au chocolat amer (Crispy praline and chocolate mousse, Calisson; ice cream, cherry semi-confit)
It's chocolate!!! how bad can it be.... well... in this case... this was really bad....

Mousse au chocolat amer - DSC_3189

WE were disappointed in the frist part of the meal, it was another meal saved by the main...and yet lost again with the desset... What I meant was the starters SUX, the Mains ROCK and the dessert went under without putting up a good fight!

This picture... is in honor of my fren... who had annoyingly though that this is the best "food" picture I ever take... I feel like biting his finger now! :p

Gelee de rhubarbe et fraise vanille - DSC_3161