Friday, October 31, 2008

Apollo Banana leaf (26th Oct 2008)

If you had not guessed... Me, MissyGlutton Milk (ps. Milk is also my middle name for this alias, so... by right and by left, I am MissyGlutton Milk Milk :p) loooooooooooooves Indian food. I like the blend of spices too much :P My friend decides to organize a dinner for some out of town friends, so I voluntered to choose the restaurant. Of course, being senstive to overseas guests, I decided to choose Apollo Banana leaf, it would definitely satisfy the locals as well.

We were given some Pappadams... usual.

Pappadam - DSC_3351

And some naans... without fail, there will be people asking for naans... so I ordered some garlic and plain naans. We had some leftovers, so I packed it but I left it at the henna's store... :P I guess my doggies don't have the luck to have the nice naans.

Garlic Naan - DSC_3379

Safron Rice - some rice would go nicely with the curries we will be ordering :D I think this rice is nicely done... :) maybe it's just that I was really hungry...

Safron Rice - DSC_3361

Murg Makhni (Butter chicken) - this is something i don't think I like... I might have to try it one day... but then it's not today or that day.

Murg Makhni (Butter chicken) - DSC_3368

Rogan Josh - mutton in spiced gravy... I only picked those with tendons... or fats.. or the chewy parts of it.... so i thought it was deliciously chewy, just the way I liked it... though I don't know those who ended up having just the lean meat; felt about this dish.

Rogan Josh - DSC_3364

Mushrrom Aaanchurian ( Mushroom sauteed with spices )

this is quite... not very the appertizing... I won't eat, had I known it's quite good. Our overseas guests love this dish. I was too busy coverting my favorite dish... hehe

Mushrrom Aaanchurian - DSC_3417

Apolo Pepper Chicken (Marinated in masala & ground pepper)

I would not touch this dish with a ten feet pole... hang on... I think I passed this dish from left to right that night... okay, maybe I am just not going to eat this dish... I will still pass it around the table. I am not a fan of pepper... esp ground pepper.

Apolo Pepper Chicken - DSC_3410

Eye of a fish anyone? I looooooooove fish eye and the flesh that's under it... I meant it's definitely not a sight that alot of ppl will enjoy, but if you really like fish... you would totally enjoy the eyes and of course the flesh just below it. *yummy* I did offer to our overseas guests... but they choose to let me have it :D Such a nice group of people :) oh, I forgot this is part of the Curry fish head.

The delicious Eye!! - DSC_3411

And next is my favorite out of all my favorite indian dishes.

Saag Ghost (Mutton cubes in spinach gravy) I really love this dish... I can't seemed to find it readily... :( slightly sad about it. But since I can get it here, all's good.

Saag Ghost - DSC_3370

Tandoori mixed grill - it had fillets of chicken, lamb, pomfret fish, egg and prawns marinated in tandoor spice. I didn't eat this... I just ordered cause I thought it would be a safe dish to order for the overseas guest... maybe not.. cause there was much leftovers... :P

Tandoori mixed grill - DSC_3381

And this is the result of our indian feast!!! :)

The result of a good meal - DSC_3423

Meeting up with some flickr frens for a Little India shooting :)
Glad to have this experience of meeting up with new flickr frens and catching up with old ones :) And most important of all, LOTS of GOOD FOOD!!! :D

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