Friday, October 31, 2008

Bukang Tuna (30th Oct 2008)

Napkin - DSC_3664

A visit to one of the Korean restaurant :)

Things - DSC_3653

The different types of side dishes...

Luncheon meat aka spam (it's fried with a thin layer of egg... I don't think I actually like this version of luncheon meat... I still like mine without the egg... and much thicker...

Luncheon meat aka spam - DSC_3706

Kimchi... the normal one.. but there are better ones elsewhere... :)
Kimchi - DSC_3701

Weird dish this is... I meant Broccoli with cheese i can take... but with chilli sauce... not really.

Broccoli with chilli sauce - DSC_3691

Mushroom salad... I like mushrooms... but not the rest of the stuffs that came along with it...

Mushroom salad - DSC_3679

Bamboo shoots... I think... didn't like, so I left it alone...

Bamboo shoots - DSC_3672

a steamed egg.... I like... it's well steamed and smooth :D

Steamed egg - DSC_3659

A bowl of rice... should be just right with my spicy soup... :D I like the way Koreans served the rice... in this nice metal bowl and a cover :) so nice and elegant in it's asian way.

A bowl of rice - DSC_3720

Spicy fish roe stew
I like spicy fish stew... I thought that having the fish roe might add a bit more fishy'ness to it... but I realize the taste was too much for me to handle.... I just drink the stew and did not eat the roe... and I think that's why they gave me some wasabi...

Spicy fish roe stew - DSC_3730

wasabi - DSC_3717

Spicy fish roe stew - DSC_3726

Sujunggwa i think... i love this drink... it's slightly spicy.. but yet quite cooling to have after a hot spicy meal :D

Sujunggwa  - DSC_3734

and some fruits to seal the deal..
Fruits - DSC_3743

I think this is a great korean resturant... the price ain't your food court price, your server ain't real koreans... but the food is great. They are very frenly. And can speak Korean well. I saw alot of Korean expats there, the food there should be quite similar to what they might get at home... which is one reason why they seemed to going there quite often.

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