Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff @ Maxwell Market (18th Oct 2008)

Last and final part of my 3 parts lunch*yummy*!!

So which puff is the best... Considering I can only squeeze in another puff... should I try their yam puff? nay I am not a yam puff person... and they also have this non spicy chicken puff. No way!!! I want my yummy spicy curry puff. So many choices, so small a stomach space.

Curry puff - DSC_2015

So guess which is the one I got? A chicken with potato curry puff or a sardine with potato curry puff!?!?! Both sounds equally good, but I doubt I can have two, cause I am planning dinner like in another 3 hours time MAX!

Sardine Curry puff - DSC_2027

And the winner is... SARDINE with potato curry puff !!!
I LOOOOOVe sardine curry puff...
Sardine Curry puff - DSC_2022

I think a curry puff should have more meat or fish than potato. If I really want a potato curry puff, I would buy a potato curry puff, and not a chicken potato or a sardine and potato. This stall fulfilled my need for my sardine puff... give me more energy *YEAH RIGHT* to go in the sun and take more shots for the marathon... Just maybe I will not come for next year ...

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KHNg said...

does anyone know how they make the pastry puff so crispy?

in former times, the currypuff surface goes soft & limp in a few hours. nowadays, it stays firm & crispy even overnight. the same goes for goreng-pisang, fried yam-puff, etc.