Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ The Rail Mall (5th Oct 2008)

had my brunch with my siblings... I was craving for italian... and sister ain't an italian food fan... so we compromised and went to this place.... Trust me, it's more of a slow torture... :P I think I would try to stay off fast food for a while :p

Here's some pics to enjoy though...

Name of the place - DSC_0813

Chinese Chicken salad... what made this chinese? the sweet and sour sauce... and the fried bee hoon... Yucks!

Chinese Chicken salad - DSC_0860

Chinese Chicken salad - DSC_0857

Salmon and Egg muffin set :- this looked interesting.... but i didn't dare to take this from a hungry gal :p

Salmon and Egg Muffin set - DSC_0845

Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli :- gggggggggeeeeeee I can cook better!!!!

Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli - DSC_0870

Eggs Benedict set :- according to the sibling who had this... the sauce was not as good as before... one of the reason why i stayed away from this chain for a while.

Eggs Benedict set - DSC_0829

Eggs Benedict set - DSC_0826

At the end of this unsatisfactory meal.... I only can come up with.... i prefer to have food from the kitchen of a passionate person who cares about his or her food. Not just someone who just slap some ingredients together and dump into the microwave... not that i said the food i had are microwaved.... :p

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