Sunday, October 12, 2008

Singapore Beer Fest (3rd Oct 2008)

Without a doubt, I felt much cheated by this whole event... sometimes I wish that I been wise and just not go for this.

In the frist place, there isn't much food there. Let me recall what were there... O' Briens Irish Sandwich Bar, some indie food place, a hotdog place, and some places that offered food that are not fantastic... When I called the organizer earlier, there was someone who told me that they will bring in local food, to match the wide range of beers they are bringing in. Oh please!! I felt so cheated when i don't get decent food.... We basically had chips and some hotdogs the whole night...

And guess what, there were some "tourists la" who had swiped a bag of chips from a vendor. ALLO! how much does a bag of chips cost? they are having so many cups of drinks @ 10 dollars per cup! A member even came up to our group and threatened us!

And this is my second complaint!!! Where are the security!!! I looked around and couldn't find any!!! I meant.. COME ON!! people will get drunk and rowdy! and there is not much security around to prevent such things from happening... GOSH!!!

It's bad enough not to have enough good food, and this had to happen!!!

So.... to me, tt was a boring event, if u are not a beer drinker.... there isn't much for entertainment, other than beer. Plus there wasn't much varities of food for choice... I think maybe a miss next year... :p

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