Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kokoro Cracker (Oct 25 2008)

kokoro - DSC_2837

I actually saw a review in one of the newspaper about this crackers... hoping to be surprised ... I went and got some.... These were waiting for me to take some time out to shoot... my whole family was waiting for me to open so they can try the fabulous crackers...

The boxes came wrapped with these really nice and plain wrappers... I like .. so formal and japanese...

Wrapper - DSC_2861

I only got myself two types of crackers...

It was the Sakusaku Nikki (Ebi) cracker. It came with such a nice box... with all the little japanese items printed on it... so cute.. :D

Sakusaku Nikki (Ebi) box - DSC_2899

Sakusaku Nikki (Ebi) box - DSC_2889

Sakusaku Nikki (Ebi) box - DSC_2901

As for the crackers... nothing worth mentioning. It's slightly less flavourful and the taste is not as powerful as the normal prawn crackers u can get for a few dollars outside... Actually I prefer my Indonesian type of prawn crackers...

Sakusaku Nikki (Ebi) box - DSC_2897

Sakusaku Nikki (Ebi) - DSC_2941

Sakusaku Nikki (Ebi) - DSC_2943

The second box I got is this Yaraku... it's not just prawn actually have 8 slices of different flavours in it. According to their site, "There is an assortment of eight different delicious crackers making up a pack of Yaraku.
Flavours include : Nori (Prawn with Seaweed), Hime Yukari (Prawn), Kuro Mame (Hokkaido Black Bean), Sakura Ebi Ao Nori (Sakura Prawn with Seaweed), Kuro Goma (Black Sesame), Macha (Green Tea), Murasaki Yimo (Purple Sweet Potato) & Ko Ebi (Okinawa's BBQ Salted Prawn)"

And other than the little prawn thingie... I didn't like any of it!!! I guess I will never make it to being a gourmet eater... maybe a greedy and picky eater... but never a gourmet one.. *sobs**sobS*

Yaraku Wrapper - DSC_2849

Yaraku Box - DSC_2879

Yaraku packaging - DSC_2885

Yaraku - DSC_2914

Yaraku - DSC_2923

Some really expensive... but not that fantastic crackers... slightly disappointed with the taste... could have got better ones for less.....

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