Thursday, October 16, 2008

Screening Room (12th Oct 2008)

"Milk Milk, Milk ah milk!!! (maybe not in that sickening sweet voice I am hearing in my head), there is a place I been to with some Bloggers. Their foods are quite good. " I think that's what she said... I can't imagine any differ.. :p

Name of the place - DSC_1502

Virgin Mojito (sugar, lime, carbonated water and mint) - I sort of swear off alcohol... ever since that stupid incident... involving alot of coughing.. d what hyer something tion. But it did not happened to me... someone else...

Virgin Mojito - DSC_1512

Delight (cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice, and honey)

delight - DSC_1510

Pink Panther (strawberry puree, coconut syrup, cream, pineapple juice and lime juice ) this is also too pinkish for my liking...

Pink Panter - DSC_1506

Duck Fat potato cake (Roasted and deep fried potato cake with rosemary, thyme and duck fat)
What really got me interested in this dish was "Fat" duck fat... some more... yummy. Unfortunately for me ... the potato wasn't mashed ... and were in chunks.... That disappointment took away any little enjoyment I might have from it.

duck fat potato cake - DSC_1522

duck fat potato cake - DSC_1553

Crispy Veggie Ribbons (lotus root, parsnip, carrot, potato and sweet yam with sea salt and fine herbs.) Hahaha deep fried anything :P I like! Just like potato chips with alot of different varities... give it a try :D

Crispy veggie ribbons - DSC_1536

Crispy veggie ribbons - DSC_1541

Naan - replacing the usual bread... we also used it later for our cheese... though it's slightly weird... and I prefer my cheese with .... CRACKERS!!! MilkMilk wants a CRACKER!!! :p

Naan - DSC_1584

Chicken patties (chicken and vegetable filled flaky pastries with coriander leaf pesto) - no no... don't like this either.

Chicken patties - DSC_1576

Confit of duck schnitzel (Confit of duck schnitzel with quail egg, lemon and anchovy) - i like the egg.... the duck was nice too... :D overall ... it has a weird lemon'ie taste...

Confit of duck schnitzel - DSC_1613

Cold Tofu (Cold tofu with century egg, mentaiko and uni) - sorry didn't try this. I don't like the tofu that was served... I prefer egg tofu... :P

Cold tofu - DSC_1649Cold tofu - DSC_1645

Scallop Carpaccio (Scallop carpaccio with ito kuzuri, nori and sesame oil chuka dressing)
hmmm this dish came surprisingly different from what I expected... Like it or not... I still have yet to decide (yes, I had not made up my mind till today)

Scallop carpaccio - DSC_1610

The Wagyu Burger

(The Wagyu (300-day grain-fed minced Australian Wagyu beef with a super high 9-BLM marbling rating) Burger topped with Caramelised Onions and Aioli )
Nope I definitely don't like this.... My dogs loved the bun I took home though.

The Wagyu Burger - DSC_1630

The Wagyu Burger - DSC_1622

Spinach and shiitake mushrooms (spinach and shiitake mushrooms cooked in olive oil with white soy sauce)

spinach and shiitake mushrooms - DSC_1655

Fricassee of shellfish (fricassee of shellfish with gnocchi in shellfish broth )
the gnocchi was in such small quanity... the shellfish was so so... the broth wasn't fantastic... all in all, this was a weird dish.

fricassee of shellfish - DSC_1632

Handmade raw milk cheeses

R to L :-
1) espoisses de bourgogne - double creme from burgundy washed with marc
2) reblochon - washed rind unpressed soft cheese from savoie
3) beaufort - ancient alpine style pressed and cooked from rhone-alpes
4) brenis du lavort - uncooked, pressed and semi-hard cheese from Auvergne
5) selles sur cher - ash covered soft cheese from centre.

Definitely will go back for the cheese :D

Handmade raw milk cheeses - DSC_1672

I know that all my statements from above ain't a good reflection on this place... But I always believe that a place can't be perfect. Screening room... has good cheese and a good atmosphere... esp the roof top where it is extremely cosy and a lovely lovely place to relax. There are plenty of dishes that are on the menu which I had not tried.

A plus point for it, would be the nice little theatre room it has... I am sure it would be a good place for a group of frens to relax and catch a movie in a nice cosy environment with better food than the local cinemas.

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