Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thai Accent (VivoCity) (24th Oct 2008)

Dinner with my family... cause sister wanted to get something from vivo... hence the choice of location... as for the type of food... was due to the fact that my mom had not been eating enough.. I tot some spicy food would help her. :D
so decided on Thai food... and this restaurant.

Name cards - DSC_2720

We started with Thai Accent appitizer... it was prawn wonton, Lucky fortune, fish cake, spring rolls and a mango salad. I had to give it to them that the salad was good. But the rest.. they could be easily brought and might even taste better.

Thai Accent appitizer combo - DSC_2780Thai Accent appitizer combo - DSC_2778

These are some of the stuffs we had ordered that night.

Thai styled otak otak. I had always enjoyed this dish... I love steamed otah, that the grilled over fire or stove type... But this is a rather weird one... cause there was cabbage slices and a piece of prawn at the bottom... I always prefer seafood or fish paste... without the cabbage or bits of seafood.

Thai-styled "otak-otak" - DSC_2737

Clear Tom yam (Prawn) soup ... Gosh! this was really spicy... maybe I should have got the other one.. I think it's with milk or coconut milk... maybe it will not be that spicy... It was good though.

Clear tom yam prawn soup - DSC_2734

Green Curry chicken okie... this is a pretty special dish.. they can't have screw this up.

Green curry chicken - DSC_2724

Stir fried seafood with hot basil leaves... okie I stupidly tot this would be the same as the one I had in Hong Kong... tot it would be a dried dish... instead this pile of "heaven knows what it was" came out of the kitchen... I didn't like this or the next dish... cause it's looks like the dish I had cooked during my home eco final exams. I didn't blame my teacher for not wanting to try the dish... :P
Stir fried seafood with hot basil leaves - DSC_2757

Stir fried duck with ginger and onion ... My previous domestic helper who had wanted to conquer the world, using purely eggs, can do better in terms of presentation. The taste ain't that bad... but definitely could have been better.

Stir fried duck with ginger and onion - DSC_2738

Pandan leaves chicken ... something which I will ALWAYS order in a Thai resturant, just because. This was rather badly done. I didn't like the taste, I didn't like the way the meat was struck to the pandan leaves.... I didn't like the fact that the pandan broke into pieces, dirtying my plate, my rice and everything that's on it. *spoilt brat mode on* I didn't like the way the dish was done in this restaurant *spolit brat mode off*

Pandan leaves chicken - DSC_2790

Deep fried bean curd... when will the good dishes be coming? The Thai chilli taste and look like maggie chilli sauce, instead of the nice sweet thai chilli I like. Horrible horrible... I didn't even want to eat the bean curd... but I polished off the fried been hoon... :D Hey, who forgoto to turn off the brat mode!!!

Deep fried bean curd - DSC_2767

Stir Fried KangKong with Shrimp paste...

Stir fried kangkong with shrimp paste - DSC_2726

Pineapple fried rice with prawns. I like... nice and slightly sweet... I like pineapple fried rice... *yummy*
Pineapple fried rice with prawns - DSC_2746

Water chestnuts with crushed ice, jackfruits and coconut milk, you can do better with any food court stalls...

Water chestnuts with crushed ice, jackfruits and coconut milk - DSC_2827

Sago with sliced coconut and coconut milk... It's more like sago with sea coconut and lots of coconut milk... hehe being a fan of coconut milk... I finished the milk and did not even finish the rest of stuff... Sometimes... things that are so simple... yet they are not able to do it well.... *sigh*

Sago with sliced coconut and coconut milk - DSC_2813

Mango sticky rice served with coconut milk... I like I like I like sticky rice. but but but.... it's another simple dish... get a good mango... cook some sticky rice... and pour some coconut milk on it...

Mango sticky rice served with coconut milk - DSC_2810

Sweet tapioca served with coconut milk... yeah served with coconut milk indeed... one tiny dish... I think there was less than 2 tablespoonfuls in the dish... GIVE ME A SOUP BOWL!!! don't be stingy... the only good dessert there... why only? cause tapioca is not easy to cook to the perfection I had tried that night. So give more coconut milk and make it THE REASON for me to go back again.

Sweet tapioca served with coconut milk - DSC_2805

Let me think... is there any reason to go back there... nope. Were the service good? passable... maybe not again. There are so many Thai food around... I rather spend my money else where.

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