Friday, October 10, 2008

Closure of Wujiang Road

My family loves to say that I never get my priorities right... well to some extend, I absolutely agree with them... Given the current situation in the world, I should worry about money, recession and all those stuffs.... but what really got me down was the article about closure of Wujiang Road in Shanghai, China!!!

I can't believe they are going to close this street down!!! how could they!?!?!

This would seriously get me into depression.... I meant all the good food found there... and i only went stuffing myself like 5 days out of the 9 days I was in Shanghai.... I seriously need to get my butt back to Shanghai before they really close this WONDERFUL street down....

Here's some shots I took from a trip... like donkey years ago....







Good news though... my fren who is posted there said... it might be 5 years before anything would be done... *yipeee* I got 5 more years to plan... maybe i can unpack my bag now... and unbook my airtix... and cancelled my reservation and.... and....

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