Wednesday, October 22, 2008

La Nonna @ Holland (16th Oct 2008)

I tot a decent meal would help... since I am under the weather... this came rather highly recommended....
When I am sick, I would only eat what I crave. And if the food is not done well... i will not even bother eating. And a sick MilkMilk has VERY VERY senstive taste bud... and this restaurant will be soooo banned from her list from now on.

name of the place - DSC_1697

Bread... considering this is a rather famous place for pizza... I don't think the bread they had served was fantastic... It was rather bad... considering that I love bread... I only had a slice of those cracker thingie...

Bread - DSC_1708

Mixed Seafood soup

No GOOD!!! I don't like... the seafood in it has this HORRIBLE EXTREMELY HORRIBLE been in the fridge taste... I kept eating it cause I just want to make sure that it wasn't so... but at the last pc, I had to admit... it is TRUE!!! horrible horrible!!!

And the broth or soup worse than those maggi mix chicken stock!!! I so wanted to walk out from that place.

Mixed seafood soup - DSC_1727

Carnaroli Risotto with green asparagus and foie gras

I know I like risotto... but this is one risotto I SO SO SO SO SO SO DO NOT LIKE! It's not cheesey enough... there is no taste at all... I only finished the foie gras... and the asparagus... and that's because there was some salt on them... And the foie gras... is so BADLY DONE!!! for that amount I paid for this meal... I rather go to Raffles for their buffet, which came with free flow of foie gras and those were MUCH MUCH better.

Risotto - DSC_1737

Risotto - DSC_1755

the Pamesan cheese that came too late.... if this had came earlier... I would have had more of the risotto.... maybe not... cause nothing would help bad food.

Parmesan cheese that came too late - DSC_1762

the only thing ... ONLY thing that kept me seat was *drum rolls* THE KITTY KAT

Cat @ the place - DSC_1764

If I ever feel like having italian food... this would DEFINITELY NOT BE a place for me. Thank you VERY MUCH.

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