Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ba Yu Ren Jia Restaurant (Oct 03 2008)

A friend and I decided to go for steamboat while the boys were busy drinking @ Beer Festive :p
so we basically just drag the whole group down for steamboat after we hasten them to finish their drinks :p

Ba Yu Ren Jia came highly recommended by a fren who likes Sichuan food.. :D

Frist of all, she said "die die, must eat this dish" - 蚂蚁上树 (Ants Climbing Trees)
After the frist mouth, I almost died... so so so spicy!!!

蚂蚁上树 (Ants Climbing Trees) - DSC_0543

Main item of the night!!! Ying Yang pot

The Steamboat pot - DSC_0510

These are the food that were offered!!! : -

Chives dumplings (these are very very nice!!! I always think that the chinese make the BEST dumplings in the world!! )

Chives dumplings - DSC_0516

Fresh Prawns

Prawns - DSC_0523

Fresh Fishhead ( I absolutely looooooooooooooove fishheads! )

Fishhead - DSC_0528

Fish slices

Fish slices - DSC_0530

Deep fried yam

Deep fried yam - DSC_0533

Fish roll - DSC_0534

Fresh crabs!!! they actually killed these when we walked into the place... but then.. we did not eat this... luckily there is someone who ordered the crabs :D

FRESH crab - DSC_0539

I looooooooooooove Enoki mushrooms :P
Enoki mushroom - DSC_0550

Pork Belly slices *yummy*
Pork belly slices - DSC_0560

Chicken pieces
Chicken pieces - DSC_0558

Beef slices...
Beef slices - DSC_0562

dou miao some veggies?!?! nay!!!
dou miao - DSC_0556

Watercress ... more veggies NAY!!!
Watercress - DSC_0557

Very bery nice :)
The boiling steamboat - DSC_0552

We so need to come back here again..... Cause it was late... and we did not do the food justice!!! :p

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