Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prive & Prive Bakery (Oct 24 2008)

I am just going to put these two together... Cause I actually walk over to the Bakery for the dessert because I didn't think too much of the desserts at the restaurant.... :P

Atmosphere - DSC_2611

I have heard lots about this Prive... be it the restaurant or the bakery... seemed like a rather popular choice for a few people. Well... I just need to try it for myself. I did surf their site several times... mainly I would like to see what they are serving... at least I have an idea what to expect. Of course, I always prefer to make reservation, mainly because I absolutely hate to sit in the middle of the restaurant, at an obvious location or even where there will be plenty of traffic.

Name of the place - DSC_2596

So off I go to Prive. Got there late... I guess that's why I got a punishment. I was seated at this table (in a corner) next to the 2 doorways, one leading to the kitchen where there are service staff and the chef talking away and one leading to somewhere... whereby people are walking in and out... and what made the whole thing worse was.....

The horrible door - DSC_2609

this door!!! the sun is shining brightly! GREAT! I don't want to know it is! I am having a nice lunch... without the flashs of sunshine,whenever it's opened... not that it was opened often on the day i went.

okie... enough of my complaints... out come the Bread and butter...

Bread & Butter - DSC_2614

Pan Seared Foie Gras with granny smith salsa with toasted brioche. This is of a good size foie gras done nicely... worthy of the price paid.

Pan Seared Foie Gras - DSC_2619

Pan Seared Foie Gras - DSC_2630

Then came the main reason why I was there....
Roasted Bone Marrow Risotto with Veal Jus. I loooove bone marrow and of course risotto... but I had not have them together in a dish before... The whole dish was slightly TOO salty for my liking... I don't usually have water with my meals... this left me silently screaming for a huge glass of iced water... If you would take away the too much salt factor, I think this is a rather nice dish. I would definitely give it another go... though I would call ahead to make it's not going to be too salty... Need to think of an illness that would prevent me to have less salt... can't hurt someone's feelings... After I just saw on Ivan's blog about someone putting additional ingredients into some ice cream...

Bone Marrow Risotto - DSC_2666

Bone Marrow Risotto - DSC_2658

Since I am done with my main meal... it was time to satisfy my other stomach... my dessert !!
After looking thru the non inspiring dessert menu... I decided to go over the Prive Bakery... for their seemed-to-be-famous milkshakes.

Name of the place - DSC_2672

and i found the best milkshake in Singapore :D

Malted Maltesers Milk shake

Malted Maltesers Milk Shake  - DSC_2703

Malted Maltesers Milk Shake  - DSC_2695

What's having dessert... if it's not sweet...
I had to order something sweet... for my sweet tooth.. So I got a Strawberry yogurt mousse. Well... I should had saved my calories for another milk shake!!!

Strawberry yogurt mousse - DSC_2686

a definitely to try place! :D I think the milk shake is worth it... :D

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HisFoodBlog said...

WoAh! Looks really sinful, but very tempting - looks like I have to pay Prive a visit for their Foie Gras and Risotto very soon~ Thanks for the recommendation.