Thursday, October 23, 2008

Muthu's curry (18th Oct 2008)

Last shot for the Canon marathon ... we decided to go for India food... @ Muthu's... ain't the best place... but... we are not VERY choosey... :) It's Indian food... and a restaurant that's catered to the tourists...

To start with... we are given a banana leaf on a tray with a wet napkin, fork and spoon..

Wet napkin - DSC_2077

I love these Indian crackers ... Pappadam. Love it! just like prawn crackers except its rather tastless and need some forms of sauce .. which I would prefer my cottage cheese mixed with spinach gravy. :)~

Pappadam - DSC_2082

Biryani Rice - Basmati rice cooked with vegetables, cashew nuts and saffron
I loooooooooooooooooove rice :D esp saffron rice. :) it's great with indian curries.

Biryani rice - DSC_2079

Plain and Garlic Naan - it's like bread... :) Usually I would take some... but I had too much from lunch... so I rather save my tummy space for the biryani rice.

Plain and Garlic Naan - DSC_2109

Palak Paneer - cottage cheese mixed with spinach gravy.
Out of all the indian food, north and south (not that I know the differences... ) I think this is my favorite favorite dish. I like cheese, i like spinach in their beyond recognizable state... :P~ I can eat this with rice, naan, Pappadam, Chapati or on its own.

I had tried a mutton with spinach gravy before too :D pity they are no longer making this... cause they think that it was too much work.

Palak Paneer - DSC_2141

Binjal Masala - Aubergine cooked in a spicy curry with a tinch of sweet and sour
Aubergine, binjal or eggplant... they don't look the same... but they sort of taste the same to me. but I didn't like this dish or rather the way they had cooked it. I don't really like sourish curries.

Binjal Masala - DSC_2154

Black Daal - Kidney beans and black lentils cooked with cummin and home churned butter
I had a very good Daal once... but this was not as good. But after mixing it with my palak paneer and some briyani rice... it tasted quite good.

Black Daal - DSC_2152

Tandoori Mushrooms - Crunchy mushrooms marinated in a mix of spices and cooked in tandoor.
The frist time I tried this, it was good. But as the number of tries increased... the food get worse and worse and worse and it became worst! I don't think I will ever go for this dish again. *disappointed*

Tandoori Mushrooms - DSC_2134

Mutton Curry - Mutton in a thick gravy made from ginger, garlic and spices
I like I like I like mutton.... but I was too full to appreciate it... :( shucks.
But this is quite good! with some tendons and some fats and spicy :D

Mutton Curry - DSC_2117

Lastly... dining partners want a Masala Tea... I don't drink this.. cause I don't like my tea with ginger or spices... I like my tea plain with milk and sugar without ginger or spices, thank you.

Masala tea - DSC_2159

Indian mouth Freshener... just something to cleanse the mouth

Indian Mouth Freshener  - DSC_2170

There are plenty of indian food in Singapore... this might be a good place to bring tourists... and a clean place too... but then I don't think it's the one for me.

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