Sunday, November 30, 2008

Laurent Bernard chocolatier (28th Nov 2008)

an extension of a wonderful lunch... I always enjoy my time with my mentor :)

Name of the place - DSC_7534

The chocolate Tarte

The chocolate Tarte - DSC_7543

Strawberry Melba
This was quite good...

Strawberry Melba - DSC_7574

Pistachio Macaron
I didn't like this.

Pistachio Macaron - DSC_7582

Nice place to be :) Esp when the boss is not around, and the service staffs do not care about the customers... I can shoot as much as I want... :D

The seat - DSC_7539

More desserts? - DSC_7538

Breakfast @ BT timah Hawker Centre (29th Nov 2008)

Went running errand with parents... and decided to go to Bt Timah Hawker Centre for breakfast...

Comfort food !!! Duck porridge :P~

Duck porridge - DSC_7392

Duck porridge - DSC_7394

Duck porridge - DSC_7396

Yong tau foo... one was for mom and the other for daddie... :D

Yong tau foo - DSC_7409

Yong tau foo - DSC_7405

Extra food !!
you tiao :D *yummY*

You Tiao - DSC_7415

Sometimes i don't need expensive food... Comfort food works with me too :D

Pietrasanta - The Italian Restaurant (28th Nov 2008)

A place near my work place... the only (at the moment) decent italian place... I am quite happy having my meal here... and this time I got the indoor sitting... could be due to the fact that went after the lunch hours.... But as that day was another "vegetarian" day for me... so I have to be selective on what I am going to have...

Name of the place - DSC_7389

Their bread... seemed more like biscuits (american version of biscuit) are simply lovely... I can just munch on these and forget about the main course... haha but due to the greedy nature of me... I can munch thru the whole basket and continue with the meal :D

Bread basket - DSC_7398

Selezione di Formaggi Italiani
Cheese platter with olives, sweet and sour onions and Artichokes
I only would go for the cheese... I hate olives... I might be too extreme in my dislike for them... but just can't take the taste of it... and I also realize that I don't actually like a HUGE piece of artichoke.... :P The tomatoes were VERY GOOD! :D and the cheese played their parts well too...

Selezione di Formaggi Italiani - DSC_7470

Selezione di Formaggi Italiani - DSC_7427

Selezione di Formaggi Italiani - DSC_7451

Quattro formaggi pizza
Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, emmenthal cheese and blue cheese pizza
I loooooooove cheese.... but I would not had ordered so much cheese in a row... but as I am on a vegetarian diet... this was the only one I felt like having... and it was GOOD!

Quattro formaggi pizza - DSC_7407

Quattro formaggi pizza - DSC_7420

Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci
Home made Ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese served with butter and sage.
My friend complained that this was too much..... too rich... esp after so much cheese stuffs before this meal... overdose of richness... But I thought it was good. I love rich food, esp dairy products.

Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci - DSC_7480

Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci - DSC_7525

Ravioli di Ricotta e Spinaci - DSC_7504

Fettuccine di Castagne ai Porcini
Home made chestnut gnocchi tossed with porcini mushroom
The last time I came... I had the chestnut gnocchi... and now they seemed not to have it anymore. I was told that it came with fettuccine with little bits of the chestnut gnocchi... the sauce was good... the noodles were okay... but the gnocchi was pathetic... I didn't taste it at all... or it was mistaken for bits of mushrooms... I still prefer to have bite-size gnocchi...

Fettuccine di Castagne ai Porcini - DSC_7516

Fettuccine di Castagne ai Porcini - DSC_7485

I think this could easily be one of my favorite italian place ... but I think they need to have more choices in terms of desserts... could be the dessert cafe which is besides it, which lessen the need to have a longer dessert list...

China St Hainanese Curry Rice (26th Nov 2008)

*yummy* I had been introduced to this stall by a fren who is not working in Singapore anymore.... but she is at a better place with more choices of food *envy*

I think this is one of the better Hainanese Curry Rice in Singapore... other than another one some where near to Somewhere... I might try to make an effort to go there soon...

Look at the line of ppl waiting for their wonderful food....

Name of the stall - DSC_7245

one of the guy who is serving the long line of ppl waiting...

The other stall owner - DSC_7248

A look at what they have to offer...

The stall - DSC_7251The stall - DSC_7260The stall - DSC_7252

Rice with lots of curry gravy
This is definitely a must have!!! and also with LOTS of gravy!!! :D

Rice with lots of curry gravy - DSC_7287

Stewed cabbage
looks oily... but taste fantastic :D

Stewed cabbage - DSC_7263

Stewed meatball...
this is excellent!!!! Thinking about it made me drool.... someone need to wipe the floor later...

MeatBall - DSC_7270

Stewed beancurd

Stewed beancurd - DSC_7283

Pork chop
another of my favorite... *yummy* dipped with the gravy ...

Pork chop - DSC_7278

This guy is quite an entertainer :D always up for a nice shot!!

The funny stall owner - DSC_7254

Although I am not a fan of hawker centre... esp crowded ones... but good ones will lure me out of my cave... and this is one of them... though as a hermit... the crowd was slightly overwhelming for me...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Chefs eating place (25th Nov 2008)

I heard about this place from my co workers... I meant they are supposed to be quite good, from the blog entry of a person...

Name of the place - DSC_7241

Hokkien mee zi char style
I still prefer the stall that's just a stone throw away...

Hokkien mee zi char style - DSC_7192

Sambal Potato leaves

Sambal Potato leaves - DSC_7202

Golden Mushroom Beancurd - special... cause they supposed to have made their own beancurd... but it wasn't anything special

Golden Mushroom Beancurd - DSC_7209

Golden Mushroom Beancurd - DSC_7204

Butter Ribs
This is supposed to be the famous dish.. I think they are featured in the newspaper... one of the sunday edition...

Butter Ribs - DSC_7219

Drunken cockles
I would not say it's good... but the right word to use would be different... they are not the usual throw in the water and boil types...

Drunken cockles - DSC_7228

Name of the place n the look of it...
Name of the place - DSC_7180

yes, the Butter ribs are quite good... but then it wasn't that great when I packed some home for my dad... so... if you want to have good food, make sure it eaten while it's hot.
I like my food BETTER when it's hot and GOOD still when it's room temp :P
Give it a try, if u want.. but once would be enough for me.

Please don't tell my regular zi char store I been to this place for dinner...

ROC Pizza (22nd Nov 2008)

I saw someone's blog on this pizza stall, decided to give it a try.... I always like young people who ventured into own business, esp food businesses. Young people would usually give quite good new ideas to how to produce a food, and most of them would start with great passion. :D

Dough n rolling pin - DSC_7085

Here is the chef making my pizza!! :D
Spreading the sauce - DSC_7070
Spreading the cheese - DSC_7105

Chicken Sausage with mushroom pizza
Chicken sausage with mushrooms pizza - DSC_7083
Chicken sausage with mushrooms pizza - DSC_7113

Cheese Pizza
Cheese pizza - DSC_7093

I think this pizza is a great idea :D I always love thin crust pizza... this is more like biscuit crust :D which is quite good with some wine and beer. Serve it when you get a few frens (which I did) to share, so you can order a few types. I think the chicken sausages with mushroom pizza is fantastic. Would definitely go for it again :D

Gobi at Cental Mall (22nd Nov 2008)

Poem? - DSC_7161

I think having little macarons seemed so interesting... but we end up buying the bigger ones... My fren, who came back from a long trip... and who just left for another long trip... got extra for me... cause she knew that I loooooooooooooooove macarons :D

Macarons - DSC_7173

These are the flavours they have in their store...
Rose - Aromatic rose Macarons
Chai Charm - Soothing Marsala Chai
Morgan Blend - Lapsang Soucheng tea blended with bergamor oil and dark chocolate
Chamomile Dream - Natural Chamomile
Matcha - Green Tea
Claming Floral - White Flower
Black Sheep - Malibu and dark chocolate

Macarons - DSC_7171

A box of Macarons - DSC_7176

I do not know what made this place so exclusive... I don't think it's a special place... give me a sense of cheapo atas... and their macarons can't make it in terms of taste... though it's rather pretty. Can be bought for display but not for impressing picky eaters.