Monday, November 3, 2008

House of Seafood (1st Nov 2008)

We decided that crabs would make a great dinner for us... so I decided to drop by House of seafood before it gets really popular, once it's featured in one of the tv program :D Get my craving handled before everyone starts swarming there too... :p

Free nuts!!! :D I like the yellow crackers... hehe so u saw that they are low on numbers there...

Free nuts - DSC_4172

Fried dou miao with garlic - I like these pea shoots with garlic... just fried with lots and lots of garlic... though I wish it was cooked for maybe another 10 mins?

Fried dou miao with garlic - DSC_4182

Fried kang kong with sambal - I like this... but then it's so common no biggie...

Fried kang kong with sambal - DSC_4177

Steamed fish hong kong style woooo this was really good... the fish was fresh... and the sauce is lightly salty and yet has a light sweet taste to it... *yummy*

Steamed fish Hong Kong Style - DSC_4187

Cereal prawn - i looooooooooooooove this dish... i like the crispy thingie.. and the curry leavess.. :P yummy yummy ... now I am hungry....

Cereal prawn - DSC_4192

Butter Crab - this is a MUST try dish... we were told there is a 45 mins wait... well doesn't matter, we can!! For this we can. It was not as good as I had remembered... but it's still okay.

Butter Crab - DSC_4206

Butter Crab - DSC_4198

Black pepper crab... no commentS? oh yeah... I like the roe.. or sperm sac :P fantastic!!! :p

Black pepper crab - DSC_4193

Black pepper crab roe - DSC_4195

It is definitely a nice place to go.. if u are into butter crabs :P a nice place to have a rowy crowd of friends to enjoy seafood there.... the price of crabs are slightly on the high side... so remember to allocate some extra money for it...

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ladyironchef said...

where's house of seafood? the crab one kg how much?