Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gobi at Cental Mall (22nd Nov 2008)

Poem? - DSC_7161

I think having little macarons seemed so interesting... but we end up buying the bigger ones... My fren, who came back from a long trip... and who just left for another long trip... got extra for me... cause she knew that I loooooooooooooooove macarons :D

Macarons - DSC_7173

These are the flavours they have in their store...
Rose - Aromatic rose Macarons
Chai Charm - Soothing Marsala Chai
Morgan Blend - Lapsang Soucheng tea blended with bergamor oil and dark chocolate
Chamomile Dream - Natural Chamomile
Matcha - Green Tea
Claming Floral - White Flower
Black Sheep - Malibu and dark chocolate

Macarons - DSC_7171

A box of Macarons - DSC_7176

I do not know what made this place so exclusive... I don't think it's a special place... give me a sense of cheapo atas... and their macarons can't make it in terms of taste... though it's rather pretty. Can be bought for display but not for impressing picky eaters.

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