Monday, November 3, 2008

Tea Bone Zen Mind (1st Nov 2008)

I sort of gave up halfway going to the different exhibition sites...... mainly I was really hungry... for those who know me well... i would shoot than eat... but I actually did not shoot some of the stuffs ordered... that really showed how hungry I was... :( but been there a few times... so i can work with those pictures :P

Frist given a wet napkin in an elegant way... to wipe away the dust and cleanse my hands for the nice treat ahead.

Random shot

Once I got settled down with clean hands... a cup of tea was given in a nice blue crystal cup.....

4 Seasons tea - SC_4155

I looooove Rambutan tea... and this came this way... no matter when I went there.

Rambutan Tea Set

I took these from the kitchen... cause I was slightly hungry...

Japanese candy - DSC_4158

Tea wings... marinated in some forms of tea... and soya... I like :D the delicate tea taste that would linger for a short while...

Tea wings - DSC_4168

Cucumber Sandwich... I actually sort of adopted this for my own cucumber sandwich.... I found that they put too much pepper in it... but it's still good :D

Cucumber Sandwich

This is MUST MUST try!!! look at the yolk... it's still runny *yummy*

Tea egg - DSC_4163

Insides of the tea egg - DSC_4166

A fantastic place to relax and just let the everyday life stay out of the doors... while I enjoy my tea and the nice snacks offered... :D

some of the reasons why it's a fantastic place ....

Random shot

Random shot

Philosophy of the place

It was a pleasure for me too :)

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really like your blog .. expecially your photos :D really nice ... keep it up :D

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