Thursday, November 13, 2008

Novus (6th Nov 2008)

Bread Basket
Some choice of bread... I guess they took out the chocolate one... hehe

Bread basket - DSC_4491
Home Cured Ocean Trout with Dill Mustard Sauce and Mesclan Salad
I thought this was okay. But my friend didn't really like it as it was too fishy for her.

Home Cured Ocean Trout - DSC_4522
Home Cured Ocean Trout - DSC_4520

Galantine of Poultry (Foie Gras, Pistachio, Beluga Lentils, Port Wine jus)
I don't like this. Why? Well... I couldn't taste the foie gras not even a hint of it... I don't like lentils not cooked till it's soggy... (if it's mash, I would even be happier) and most important of all... the chicken? I always assume that Poultry is most likely to be chicken... and it tasted like chicken to me. SO the chicken meat was very lean! I would say it was definitely from the bosom of the chicken. Okie I am not a fan of chicken bosom!!! give me some oily and fatty thigh! :p

Galantine of Poultry - DSC_4504
Galantine of Poultry - DSC_4505

Cappuccino of chestnut with almond milk foam and white truffle oil.
I don't like chestnuts, other than roasted ones sold by those roadside hawkers. To taste the soup made of it... not very nice. I like the almond milk foam and white truffle oil.... but I didn't finish it, cause the taste of chestnut soup is pretty weird tasting for me.

Cappuccino of chestnut - DSC_4540

Cappuccino of chestnut - DSC_4543

Grilled Saint Jacques with Potato Creme, Trumpet Mushrooms, Carrot and Ginger foam
Scallops are rather difficult to cook. As far as I am concerned, I had only tasted scallops at two places, which were done to my liking. One of them is here. I like my scallops seared... and lightly cooked in the middle. And with some potato creme and my favorite trumpet mushrooms *yummy*

Grilled Saint Jacques - DSC_4558

Grilled Saint Jacques - DSC_4560

Saffron & Apple Risotto (Saffron & apple risotto with Watercress and green asparagus)
Sweet Risotto... I like Risotto... but not for dessert. The risotto was cooked to my liking, along with watercress and green asparagus were excellent... it's just hard for me to have them sweet. I prefer my main course to be slightly on the salty side.

Saffron & Apple Risotto - DSC_4555

Saffron & Apple Risotto - DSC_4575

Apple Fritters with Brownie Ice Cream
The Ice cream was GREAT! but the apple fritters? I think the chef need to visit some of those goreng pisang stalls to learn their secret.
Brownie Ice Cream - DSC_4592
Apple Fritters - DSC_4583

The doorway to heaven
doorway to kitchen - DSC_4483

I like Novus. I think the place is nice and cosy indoor and has an excellent outdoor atmosphere as well. The lunch sets are affordable and excellent as well :D Definitely will find another opporunity to give it another visit..... maybe a longer and slower lunch next time round.

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