Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Enso Kitchen 圓相廚

Chef Danny, do you know you have a stalker?  Missy had stalking the Enso Kitchen fan page, just so she would know when she will be able to get the best mochi in town (just because Missy had not been to Japan yet, so she can’t compared those found there).  Every time, he returns to Singapore, there will only be 2 weekends of lunches and dinners. 

Shojin Ryori (aka Japanese temple vegetarian cusine) was Danny’s way to preparing his food.  When Chef Danny was based in Singapore, he had weekly hosting of his offers.   After several rounds of trying Chef Danny’s food, Missy was bored.  

Maybe it is because Singapore is boring, boring because there is no change in seasons, and boring because there is no seasonal fruits or vegetables.  So when Chef Danny packed his bags and left for Taiwan, Missy wasn’t all that sad.   

Not much time passed, Chef Danny decided to come back for a visit and do some meal hosting for his fans.  Of course, Missy is keen to find out what Danny had learnt during his Taiwan stay.   

Of courses, there will be dishes Missy would like or not like.  However, Missy thinks one should try out Chef Danny’s offerings to make up their own mind.  His offerings are definitely in a league of their own.  

It had been three different rounds of enjoy food that were similar, yet different.  Chef Danny had made subtle changes to his ways of cooking.  It was done with either with some ingredients he got from Taiwan, or change to his preparations.

Canary (Missy's nickname for a person) asked if it was a good or bad change, Missy thought it was neither.  It is very interesting to see and taste what had changed in the short time Danny was away.

Looking forward to the next offering.   Autumn is Missy’s favorite season!! :D

More pictures from the lunch :D