Sunday, September 13, 2009

Le figue (7th Sept 2009)

Been a while since i wrote anything. Just trying to deal with things. Anyway, due to some reasons, I am a vegetarian for a month... and just another week to go! wait.. not a week... another 8 days to go (it actually decrease as I took my time to write this entry). So.... to be a vegetarian is not easy for me, esp when I want to eat anything i can smell.

I do not care too much for mock stuffs, and would definitely not purposely take this opportunity to try out the vegetarian resturants in Singapore. To put it bluntly, I am not a big fan of vegetables. I do have vegetarian friends and one of them is my regular makan kaki (aka lunch buddy). I would just drag her to the restaurants I want to try, I realized how horrible it can be now.

Due to my diet, I have a limit on what I can order when I walked into any restaurant. Even if I am not the purest of them all, I still would prefer NO FISH diet. Afterall, if a fish can speak, I am sure it would tell me that it’s not a vegetable.

I still am trying to get over the fact that a restaurant would only have 2 dishes which are somewhat vegetarian. French Onion soup (which someone informed me is NOT vegetarian) and Risotto were just starters in the menu. Gosh, how hard it is to grill, pan fried, or steamed a piece of vegetables… Or even make a starter portion into a main sized portion. I guess it was very difficult.

Walking into Le figue reminds me of a hasty-put-together-warehouse set up. Not that it is a bad thing, but I am not a big fan of see pipes running across the ceiling or rooms that reflect too much sounds. I like soft background music, non-echoing speeches around and a quiet corner.

Given only TWO choices, I had to order both, afterall I am a gal who needs her daily intake of food.

I like my bread warm, if not hot. I absolutely dislike bread which are room temperature. I have plenty of those at home. Give me nicely sliced warm bread, and I will be happy. And of course, I PREFER salted butter. I am sure a lot of places do care so much for the health of Singaporeans, but give me the choice of “live to eat” rather than “eat to live”.

Classic french onion soup, Gruyere cheese and it's toast

I enjoyed this soup. I always felt onions are so marvelous, to have such sweet flavor without having to put in additional sugar. I do felt there ought to be slightly more liquid in this dish, it is a soup after all.

Mixed berries with passionfruit sorbet

Was given this to cleanse my taste buds. I thought it sounded slightly sourish… but found it sweet. Surprisingly, I always tot something to cleanse would be sourish.

Rissotto of cepes, green onion, parmigiano and black summer truffles

WOW, this is one of my favorite Rissottos I ever tried. After the one I had in Perth, Australia, I wasn’t able to find another which I really enjoyed. Unlike most ppl, I always prefer my risotto cooked slightly longer, and with less bites to it. YES, I am getting old… I think I would need to get my dentures soon.

When the dish came, I saw the mushroom and I thought the piece of mushroom was my favorite foie gras. But after poking it around and also asking the service staff, I confirmed that my dream was dashed, it was indeed a mushroom. Wonderfully done was this mushroom (frist portion). I had enjoyed the risotto so much and because of the small starter portion, that I had to order another one.

Maybe it was just me, but I felt the second portion, which was supposed to be similar to the frist, used a different type of mushrooms. And unlike the frist portion, it had retained slightly more liquid and it was like a small dam breaking thru when I cut into it. I like the risotto without the addittonal liquid which changed the flavor ever so slightly, yet detectable.

On the whole, I felt the service can be improved. Maybe they are still new and the staff are still not familiar with the setup. I would definitely give it another try, just because my FRIST order of risotto was very well done.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

大东虾面 (17th June 2009)

I went around Singapore trying to find lunch for an hour.... from Joo Chiat, to Jalan Besar, and around little india.... .end up with... Da Dong prawn noodles....

This is the 2nd time I been to this place... 1st time I went was thru recommendation from a blog. Maybe I went there with my family, the feeling was rather pleasent.

This time round, I was served by 2 grumpy person. Because I know that they are rather friendly, so I excused them. I ordered the dried yellow noodles and with a bowl of pigtail ... Read Moresoup, as the blog suggested. Quickly giving it a few shots, I started eating. The noodles are slightly plain and with the lard bits and a bit of chilli, didn't exactly stand out compared to any other stalls. The prawns used were fresh and plump, which I like.

Come to the soup, maybe it had been boiling since morning... there was a very strong taste of "pork". After drinking a few spoonfuls, it started getting rather sickening.

This stall does serve a decent prawn noodles for the price I had paid. Mornings would be the best time to go for a frenly service n not a stuck up which one would find in some of those fancy high class places.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moving to Facebook!!

haha I have to agree that I am not the best writer in town.
So I am moving to FACEBOOK!!!!

but feel free to add me :p

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Azabu Sabo (The Central) .. (16th Mar 2009)

hi hi people who are reading... or just seeing the pictures... I had semi lost my desire to write... so let's see what I can write on this...

Matcha Milk shake

I felt that there is a different in the standards of each individual branch. The Matcha Milk shake here is slightly less "greentea'ish" than the one I had Marina Sq. I felt it is more a Milk shake with some Matcha powder, even though it looked rather greentea'ish on the whole.

Matcha Milk shake - IMG_2636

Lunch set

Lunch set - IMG_2615 copy

Unatama Don

Unatama Don - IMG_2621

Spicy Tantan Ramen

This wasn't spicy, so don't get tricked by the name of it. At the frist taste, I felt this was too soupy. The noodles was quite chewy or Q Q one. For the little amount that I paid, I am okay with the little minced pork and leeks swimming like little guppies in a big ocean. I enjoyed having the soup afterwards.

Spicy Tantan Ramen - IMG_2631

Spicy Tantan Ramen - IMG_2639

Okonomi - Yaki with seafood

Usually I love this... however, I cannot get over the bitter taste of the lettuce or cabbage they used for this dish. So I just eat this, because I have to pay for it.

Okonomi - Yaki with seafood - IMG_2642 copy

Okonomi - Yaki with seafood - IMG_2654

And we moved on to desserts!!!

Black sesame warabi-mochi parfait

Black sesame warabi-mochi parfait - IMG_2662


I wasn't in mood for ice cream, so I decided to go for a mixture of everything without the ice cream. And I love the brown syrup that come along with it.... I felt this was a very colorful and beautiful dish. :) I enjoy this quite a bit. :D

ShiraMitsu - IMG_2665 copy

ShiraMitsu - IMG_2674

If you are going for something cheap and good, this is a great place to go.

Save on lunch and get their daily lunch sets, but do not miss their wonderful desserts!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Azabu Sabo (Marina Square) .. (14th Mar 2009)

Being the glutton that I am .... I had to have more desserts!!!

here's some to tempt u all :P

Black Sesame Warabi - Mochi Parfait

Black Sesame Warabi - Mochi Parfait - _DSC8593


MatchaKiruan - _DSC8588

Hokkaido hot ball with premium Vanilla ice cream, red bean paste, sweet potato and brown sugar syrup

Hokkaido hot ball with premium Vanilla ice cream, red bean paste, sweet potato and brown sugar syrup - _DSC8602


MatchaKiruan - IMG_2596

Matcha Milk shake

Matcha Milk shake - IMG_2589

IT was good enough for me to go back twice afterwards to just to have the dessert. :P

Tomo Fine Dining (14th Mar 2009)

Miso dip and raw vegetables
I always enjoy their miso dip with the raw veggies :)

dip and vegetables - _DSC8478

Sashimi platter
I felt the sashimi served that day could be better. I been to this place before, and was very impressed with the food there. However, the sashimi served that day was VERY disappointing.

Sashimi platter - _DSC8513 copy

Sashimi platter - _DSC8509

Tonkatsu Ramen set

The breaded pork chop was good :P I enjoyed the ONE piece I had.

Tonkatsu Ramen set -  _DSC8497 copy

Tonkatsu Ramen set - _DSC8499

Cold noodle Ramen set

Cold noodle Ramen set - _DSC8517

Sake Chazuke

I like my rice soggy, so this dish was quite enjoyable for me.

Sake Chazuke -_DSC8531 copy

Enoki Maki and Nankotsu

I always like enoki wrapped with bacon!!! :P yummy.

Enoki Maki and Nankotsu - _DSC8547

Kaki Maki

Nothing beat this!!! oyster *yummy* this was really good! I had 4 pieces of that!!

and wanting more :P

Kaki Maki - _DSC8564

Black Sesame ice cream n Yuzu ice cream

Black Sesame ice cream n Yuzu ice cream -_DSC8574

I think when a place reaches the top... the only way for it to go is down.

It is hard to maintain the standard of a place... somehow, I was hoping this would be different.

Wood Restaurant & Bar (13th Mar 2009)

Happened to be in the neighbourhood, and decided to pay this place a visit. Had been a while since I been there, and lack of memories of this place might just give me a fresh outlook on this place. Just maybe it will happen.....

what do u hate more? IMG_0255

Mixed field mushrooms simmered to perfect consistency with crispy croutons.
Nothing like a good bowl of hot soup on a rainy day :)

Cream of Mushroom soup - IMG_0264 copy

Pan fried to perfection, served on a bed of stock simmered wild rice

Salmon Roulade - IMG_0272

The doggie bag?!?!!? NAY - IMG_0282

I didn't like this dish too much... maybe i am not a BIG fan of wild rice, I tend to find the texture slightly too hard for my liking. The salmon was too dry for my liking.

the lonely one... IMG_0258
After this visit... I remember why i did not go back to this place.

Italian Gourmet (11th Mar 2009)

I was in the mood for something cheap and filling, rather than good GOOD italian food. So i decided to go to the nearest stall near Ikea, which I was supposed to pick up some stuffs from.

Cream of mushroom

This soup tasted like canned soup.... maybe slightly less ingredients in it... My dining partner actually said the campbell tasted better....even if this was supposed to be made from scratch.

Cream of mushroom - IMG_2556 copy

Garlic Bread
I like this alot. I like the fact there was enough butter, and they were generous enough to put some herbs to give it a better taste.

Garlic Bread - IMG_2563

Gorgonzola Mushroom pasta
As I was having only vegetarian food, I replaced the ham in this dish for mushroom instead. It was done very well. I enjoyed this alot.

Gorgonzola Mushroom pasta - IMG_2567 copy

Gorgonzola Mushroom pasta - IMG_2571

Formaggi pizza
Like the previous pizza I had at this place, the cheese wasn't enough. But then the extra packs of cheese shavings satisfy my need for at least one cheesey pizza slice.

Formaggi pizza - IMG_2575

This is a stall to come for cheap italian food, especially if I only go for vegetarian stuffs. It has the making of a neighbourhood stall, not a place to go for, if u are looking refined italian stuffs.

DOMVS (7th Mar 2009)

DOMVS seemed to have a whole new set of staff. From the chef to the service staffs

Bread basket

Bread basket - DSC_8296 copy

Bread smoked Scamoza Cheese

Bread smoked Scamoza Cheese - DSC_8317

Deep fried smoked scamoza cheese served with tomato salad, basamic dressing

Bread smoked Scamoza Cheese - DSC_8341

Trout Carpaccio

Trout Carpaccio - DSC_8332

Thinly sliced smoked and cured ocean trout with rock salt and garden salad

Trout Carpaccio - DSC_8346

Fettuccine fatte in casa ai funghi porcini

Fettuccine fatte in casa ai funghi porcini - DSC_8356 copy

Fettuccine with ceps mushroom sauce

Fettuccine fatte in casa ai funghi porcini - DSC_8362

Zuppa di gagioli borlotti con soffritto di cotechino

Borlotti bean soup with toasted cotechino

Zuppa di gagioli borlotti con soffritto di cotechino - DSC_8370 copy

Fegato d'oca in padella con composta di arance rosse

Foie gras with blood orange compote

Fegato d'oca in padella con composta di arance rosse - DSC_8386

Gamberoni alla griglia

Grilled jumbo prawn with aubergine

Gamberoni alla griglia - DSC_8392

Beef brisket

Beef braised in black pepper sauce served with polenta and vegetables

Beef brisket - DSC_8410 copy

Saffron Risotto

Carnaroli rice cooked in vegetable stock with asparagus

Saffron Risotto - DSC_8425

Mango charlotte with exotic coulis and raspberry sorbet

Mango charlotte with exotic coulis and raspberry sorbet - DSC_8440

Coppa pannacotta
Cup of pannacotta topped with fresh berry sauce

Coppa pannacotta - DSC_8446

Chef's selection of cheese

Chef's selection of cheese - DSC_8457

Chef's selection of cheese - DSC_8461

I didn't exactly enjoy myself this time round. Well... the chef had changed and I am not used to this new chef's style. I only enjoyed the Fettuccine with ceps mushroom sauce and the Foie gras. I am utterly disappointed with the cheese selection that they had served. I do not like too much pepper in my food, and did not actually understand why I was served 2 portions of "similar" pepper cheeses.