Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tomo Fine Dining (14th Mar 2009)

Miso dip and raw vegetables
I always enjoy their miso dip with the raw veggies :)

dip and vegetables - _DSC8478

Sashimi platter
I felt the sashimi served that day could be better. I been to this place before, and was very impressed with the food there. However, the sashimi served that day was VERY disappointing.

Sashimi platter - _DSC8513 copy

Sashimi platter - _DSC8509

Tonkatsu Ramen set

The breaded pork chop was good :P I enjoyed the ONE piece I had.

Tonkatsu Ramen set -  _DSC8497 copy

Tonkatsu Ramen set - _DSC8499

Cold noodle Ramen set

Cold noodle Ramen set - _DSC8517

Sake Chazuke

I like my rice soggy, so this dish was quite enjoyable for me.

Sake Chazuke -_DSC8531 copy

Enoki Maki and Nankotsu

I always like enoki wrapped with bacon!!! :P yummy.

Enoki Maki and Nankotsu - _DSC8547

Kaki Maki

Nothing beat this!!! oyster *yummy* this was really good! I had 4 pieces of that!!

and wanting more :P

Kaki Maki - _DSC8564

Black Sesame ice cream n Yuzu ice cream

Black Sesame ice cream n Yuzu ice cream -_DSC8574

I think when a place reaches the top... the only way for it to go is down.

It is hard to maintain the standard of a place... somehow, I was hoping this would be different.


Camemberu said...

Hmmm, so standard has dropped? Been wanting to come here but haven't got the chance yet.

I love nankotsu, bacon-wrapped anything (especially enoki and shimeji)! The cold ramen looks good too.

amiscell said...

I used to go there quite regularly... I found that their standard is quite variable. Their sashimi and sushi tends to be good, but the rest of the dishes are not fantastic (beef, fish etc...). Also, I am not a big fan of the atmosphere in the restaurant, unless you sit at the counter (I always did, as the main dining room is kind of sad).

MissyGlutton said...

Camemberu very much so... maybe you can try their new branch Hokkiado at M hotel?

hehe i like fatty ANYTHING :p heheehe

amiscell ahh ic. The place had potential, ... but the boss need to invest more in their deco ... :p I prefer the counter seat when i am alone :)

M. said...

i'm thinking of organising a dinner at Tomo with Ivan and some other friends. if you are interested, let me know and I'll update you on the date when fixed. Am looking at end May/June, probably a Tuesday evening.