Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chicken Hot Pot @ Shenton Way (2nd March 2009)

Name of the place...

I was introduced to this place by one of my siblings... (YES! I have siblings...strange might it be... I do come from Earth.)

Name of the place - IMG_2293 copy

The stove

Each table has this little stove with a small pot of fuel will be lit and to semi cook and keep the food warm at the same time.

The stove - IMG_2296

Luncheon meat

This is put in the fridge... and you can choose a few raw dishes that can be added in the pot. With the help of whatever fuel, it will cook the raw food quite well.

Luncheon meat - IMG_2307 copy

Assorted vegetables

Assorted vegetables  - IMG_2300 copyCabbage - IMG_2312 copy

The pot... as the way it was served


The Chicken pot stirred fried

When the pot came... the Chicken was stirred fried with their house special sauce...

The Chicken pot stirred fried - IMG_2322

The Chicken pot stirred fried - IMG_2321

The Chicken pot with soup added in...

After having some of the chicken... soup will be added and we can continued to enjoy the soup version of this dish.

The Chicken pot with soup - IMG_2328

I love the way this dish was presented to me. I like the style the food is given and how it was cooked. I think it is quite a reasonable price to pay for the reasonable good food in town. :) I think I will head there quite often, especially when we have rainy weathers or slightly cold weathers.


one little journey said...

looks tempting! i love luncheon meat especially in steamboat and hotpot :-p

MissyGlutton said...

one little journey : I loooooooooooooooove it too :) I think luncheon meat is one of the best invention in the world!! :p