Sunday, March 15, 2009

La Noce (3rd Mar 2009)

Been going thru some tough patches lately, so I think March 3rd would be a day for good heart warming Italian food... a place I know the person who will be cooking for me and not some faceless ppl that might join and leave the place, as time goes by.
So despite this place being so out of the way.... I decided to encourage my friend to come to this place, making a promise she will have some decent italian food... though it has been some times since I been there, and not knowing if the standard still remains.

Name of the place - IMG_2337 copy

Olive oil with balsamic vinegar

Olive oil with balsamic vinegar - IMG_2341

We were given Olive oil with balsamic vinegar and some bread to start with. I am glad that this place served bread that are better than those of delifrance. I enjoyed them quite a bit. Did i mention I like warm bread? :D

Parmigiana di Melanzane con Mozzarella di Bufala
Eggplant parmigiana cheese with buffalo mozzarella

Parmigiana di Melanzane con Mozzarella di Bufala - IMG_2349 copy

I like this cheese thingie :p Actually I like eggplant qute a bit, so it is an easy choice to make when I saw it on the menu. I think the chef had given it the right amount of cheese and time in the oven. It was baked to suit my taste bud. :)


Tea - IMG_2360

My friend decided to have a peppermint tea, cause she felt the food was too rich for her. I, on the other hand, thought the food was great.

Ravioli porcini mushroom with cream sauce

Panzerotti - IMG_2366

Panzerotti - IMG_2369 copy

This dish was my friend's.... *sigh* it was done so well.... I want to save it from her fork. I think I will so appreciate it more than her. *NOTE to self: "Hide from this friend for a week* The cream sauce was not as rich as I was dreading. And the ravioli was done just fine, a bit more than al denta, which is what I like. And the mushroom sauce, though lack of meat, was enough to make me a vegetarian for a few months.... just enough to have it 3 times daily.

Risotto Nero Di Seppia Alla Siciliana

Risotto squid ink Sicilian style

Risotto Nero Di Seppia Alla Siciliana - IMG_2379 copy

I had always like Risotto, and squid ink anything is one of my weakness. I find this done slightly more saltish than I would like. Maybe because my poor little heart is missing the Panzerotti, I am unable to appreciate this dish as much as it should be. However, if the risotto can be cooked slightly longer and be softer... and less salt would definitely made me a lover of it.

If you want to look for a cosy family yet serve great italian food, this would definitely be the place to go. However, parking is quite bad there. Would be good to use the valet, if they have it.
Give a pat to the nice golden retriever living next door to this place. And the mistress don't like ppl feeding the dog, which I am totally in support of. If you have any leftover, do doggie bag it home.


amiscell said...

mmmm... my (only) experience was definitely not as enthusiastic as yours! :S

MissyGlutton said...

amiscell ah... did you blog about it? For me, it's usually the REALLY good company plus food would make the whole experience better.

Plus the doggie next door gave it tonnes of extra credits :)