Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wood Restaurant & Bar (13th Mar 2009)

Happened to be in the neighbourhood, and decided to pay this place a visit. Had been a while since I been there, and lack of memories of this place might just give me a fresh outlook on this place. Just maybe it will happen.....

what do u hate more? IMG_0255

Mixed field mushrooms simmered to perfect consistency with crispy croutons.
Nothing like a good bowl of hot soup on a rainy day :)

Cream of Mushroom soup - IMG_0264 copy

Pan fried to perfection, served on a bed of stock simmered wild rice

Salmon Roulade - IMG_0272

The doggie bag?!?!!? NAY - IMG_0282

I didn't like this dish too much... maybe i am not a BIG fan of wild rice, I tend to find the texture slightly too hard for my liking. The salmon was too dry for my liking.

the lonely one... IMG_0258
After this visit... I remember why i did not go back to this place.

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