Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two-Michelin star guest chef Antonio Genovese @ LaBrezza

As Missy tapped her feet in the LaBrezza, Red-Waterbottle was running late because of the rain they seemed to be getting.  There seemed to be the practice of no bread will be served, till an order is placed.  Surely customers, who had walked in, would not walked out without ordering something.  The staff kept walking around; Missy was getting a bit hungry.   Decided to order for Red-Waterbottle, since it was informed that they would be only serving set lunch from the visiting two-Michelin star guest chef.  Missy had wanted to try something from the regular menu. When Red-waterbottle walked in with reports of heavy traffic all the way there, a breadbasket with olive pesto was served.  Might be hunger, the olive pesto with bread tasted great. 

Frist plate was Fried smoked amberjack, rolled courgettes, Jasmine-infused sake and citrus tea.  Missy didn’t like it.  The fried smoked amberjack was like any other fish fillet from any fish and chip store found in Singapore (most fish and chip stores in Singapore ain’t good, in Missy’s opinion).  As for the rolled courgettes, jasmine-infused sake and citrus… definitely would be better off forgotten.  

The dish of potato ravioli dumplings with Nduja salami, figs was a total waste of time.  The only purpose it had served was for Missy and Red-waterbottle to rehash their experience of the “Samosa maker” (courtesy of Mr. Red-Waterbottle). Ravioli dumplings, they were not.  Missy just had 2 or 3 and returned the rest of the horrible-left-out-too-long samosas.  And that’s when the Zeus act started.   For the past 2 months (yes… this is two months later since Red-waterbottle and Missy went), every time Indian food, potato, samosa, or anything that will remind Red-waterbottle, he will go on and on and on about the potato ravioli dumplings they had. 

The main course was veal entrecote seared in vanilla oil, champignon mushrooms, and cannellini beans cream.  Missy felt the veal was cooked too long for her liking; she just couldn’t finish the meat.  Unlike the slab of meat, Missy loved the mushrooms.  Mushroom is an ingredient, which only Missy would screw up.  Yes, Missy screwed up a mushroom soup! * Sobs * Missy guessed chef Zeus (aka Two-Michelin star guest chef Antonio Genovese) would be happy to know.

The refresher was definitely a break in the bad food movements.  Watermelon granita with mint, vodka gelee was a combination of both good and bad.  Missy didn’t like the vodka gelee, even with the nice watermelon granite with mint.  The alcoholic taste was slightly too overpowering for Missy.

Hot semolina cake with pinenuts, Honey ice cream with clementine orange and rosemary was the desert.  Missy did like the honey ice cream, and that was it.

On the whole, the whole meal was absolutely not worth their money and time.  Red-waterbottle didn’t like the meal, nor did Missy.  The service was lousy.   Instead maybe even trying to satisfy Missy with a dish from their regular menu, they decided to do it for another table instead.

Two-Michelin star guest chef Antonio Genovese of Il Pagliaccio reminded Missy of Zeus.   “It was believed that if someone, or a civilization did something the Gods disapproved of, the Gods would smite them, bringing destruction and despair to the afflicted” (quoted from http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_was_Zeus'_power#ixzz1hisuGVr8 ).  Luckily for Missy, chef Antonio doesn’t have Zeus’s power.   A “human Zeus” staring at Missy’s back and hoping to burn a hole in her, ain’t going to improve whatever rubbish she was served.  

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

De Burg

Missy read about this burger place in Ghim Moh estate.  Being one of the  older estates in Singapore, Ghim Moh has a few stores in the local food courts that are worth visiting again and again.   Missy thought to try to invade into such a location, owners of De Burg must have a few tricks to impress.

There were choices of 200grams or 100grams Australian beef of a few kinds, pork and lamb, but no chicken.  As Missy was trying to find the best of what the store had to offer, she decided to go for De Burg Decadence.  It was a 200g Australian Wagyu beef patty, Cheese, Grilled Crispy Bacon and Grilled Portobello Mushroom.  Missy had to get this, as it seemed to be only available on Fridays, weekends, eve of public holidays and public holidays.  What really got Missy excited was “limited quantity”, she just love anything that is harder to get usual.

Armed with her “White tiger” aka homemade Barley drink in a Tiger beer mug, she waited with her new buzzer friend from De Burg.  It was quite a long wait, but they just started.  Buzzzz went her new friend, so Missy went and collect her limited quantity De Burg Decadence burger.  

De Burg Decadence was a PLUS size burger!  As Missy was wondering what De Burg Decadence made of.  So it was Bun, mayo, red onion?, …. Wait, Red onion?  Missy don’t like red onion in her burger!  What happened to the white onion she likes and usually get in her burgers?   Forget about the onion, the reason of its plus size was the grilled Portobello mushroom!  :P  

Missy doesn’t think this is a burger she had and would enjoy.  Bleu cheese would be a better choice of cheese to be used, and the cheese used was not enough to be detected.  Missy thought there is so much missing from what was promised from this burger, a missing report should be filed.   The burger was juicy or wet, because of the mushroom, and not the dry patty. The wagyu beef patty?  Missy won’t know it is, if she did not read it off the menu. Missy is not a big fan of vegetables, even potatoes, but it was the fries that impressed her the most from this meal.

“Burgers are not fast food” is a slogan that should not be used lightly.  Her whole experience with De Burg was similar, if not worse than the local Mac.  She is known to have enjoyed a burger from McDonald's, and would much prefer an order of “Double “Filet-O-Fish”.

On the last note, De Burg is moving out of their current location.   Maybe it is better to leave this location, as there is much better local stalls in Ghim Moh.