Sunday, November 20, 2011

De Burg

Missy read about this burger place in Ghim Moh estate.  Being one of the  older estates in Singapore, Ghim Moh has a few stores in the local food courts that are worth visiting again and again.   Missy thought to try to invade into such a location, owners of De Burg must have a few tricks to impress.

There were choices of 200grams or 100grams Australian beef of a few kinds, pork and lamb, but no chicken.  As Missy was trying to find the best of what the store had to offer, she decided to go for De Burg Decadence.  It was a 200g Australian Wagyu beef patty, Cheese, Grilled Crispy Bacon and Grilled Portobello Mushroom.  Missy had to get this, as it seemed to be only available on Fridays, weekends, eve of public holidays and public holidays.  What really got Missy excited was “limited quantity”, she just love anything that is harder to get usual.

Armed with her “White tiger” aka homemade Barley drink in a Tiger beer mug, she waited with her new buzzer friend from De Burg.  It was quite a long wait, but they just started.  Buzzzz went her new friend, so Missy went and collect her limited quantity De Burg Decadence burger.  

De Burg Decadence was a PLUS size burger!  As Missy was wondering what De Burg Decadence made of.  So it was Bun, mayo, red onion?, …. Wait, Red onion?  Missy don’t like red onion in her burger!  What happened to the white onion she likes and usually get in her burgers?   Forget about the onion, the reason of its plus size was the grilled Portobello mushroom!  :P  

Missy doesn’t think this is a burger she had and would enjoy.  Bleu cheese would be a better choice of cheese to be used, and the cheese used was not enough to be detected.  Missy thought there is so much missing from what was promised from this burger, a missing report should be filed.   The burger was juicy or wet, because of the mushroom, and not the dry patty. The wagyu beef patty?  Missy won’t know it is, if she did not read it off the menu. Missy is not a big fan of vegetables, even potatoes, but it was the fries that impressed her the most from this meal.

“Burgers are not fast food” is a slogan that should not be used lightly.  Her whole experience with De Burg was similar, if not worse than the local Mac.  She is known to have enjoyed a burger from McDonald's, and would much prefer an order of “Double “Filet-O-Fish”.

On the last note, De Burg is moving out of their current location.   Maybe it is better to leave this location, as there is much better local stalls in Ghim Moh.


Anonymous said...

1st : Did you look carefully at the menu? You only took picture of the front side of the menu and u didn't flip over to see if there are more items on the back. So how could you say Deburg only have BEEF LAMB and PORK but NO CHICKEN?

2nd : You took a pic of the burger after you ate a small portion of the burger and you mention that "The burger was juicy or wet, because of the mushroom, and not the dry patty." NOW my question to YOU MISSY GLUTTON DOES BEEF BURGERS IN MACS THAT ARE COOKED WELL DONE have juice in it? Are you sure that the juice is from the mushroom and not the patty? How can beef be medium rare and you say its dry? Try BEEF STEAKS at Jack's Place and have it medium rare and well done before you answer me.

3rd : You mention that " "Burgers are not fast food" is a slogan that should not be used lightly." So are you saying that all burger companies should have burgers out the moment you make your order like macs? Then may i suggest you just eat your mac burgers and analyst more bout qualities of good beef steaks before you make you comment and blog bout things that you know nuts about.

People like you should just eat at Macs, Burger kings, Wendys, Carls Jr when you know nuts bout beef. You knowledge of beef is completely 0.

MissyGlutton said...


1) I stand corrected on the "chicken" item. I am not aware that there will be a page 2, as i assumed t a front and back of the menu will be put side by side, should there be a page 2.

2) I took a picture of the burger after I had a first bite. After which, I deconstructed the burger and started eating the "burger" item by item, as well as a combination of items. Upon tasting the patty on its own, I felt that it was too dry for my liking. Even Medium raw patty can be dry, btw. I did not say that beef burgers in Macs have juice in it, I just said I do enjoy Mac burgers once in a blue moon, and maybe if I go to De Burg often enough, they might get the burger the way I want it. Unfortunately, Missy is not a big fan of Jack's Place and had not seen a reason or has an attraction towards it. Medium rare and well done steaks are not a mystery to Missy, if there is a need to to clarify her "lack of knowledge of "doneness" of meat.

3) a) When I mention "Burgers are not fast food" is a slogan that should not be used lightly.", I meant to suggest that the overall experience with De burg is QUITE similar to Macdonald's, and not the time taken to cook.

b) Suggestions about mac burgers will be taken into consideration, but Missy is not a big fan of Macdonald's, and now De Burg.

c)I sincerely hope you are not the people who are cooking or own De Burg. Customers' feedbacks should be always taken in with a good attitude.

and lastly, I mourned the loss of a cattle life and my hard earned cash, which was wasted on a product which should have been returned.

kelvin said...

I think that you are entitled to your opinion and I am too.

Honestly, I have eaten a few times at DeBurg and yes, I do agree that DeBurg Decadence a simple burger which consist of what you mentioned. In my humble opinion, I think that many "simple" food are the hardest to prepare and perfect.

What I did do was, a cross section of the burger, and found it to be juicy because of the way it was cooked and not because of the portobello.

Red/white onions in your burger are preferential but it's tangier thus giving the patty an extra oomph. Some people are use to the way that food are "suppose" to be maybe because it's unthinkable that it should make other ways.

If you compare the quality of beef in Macs vs DeBurg side-by-side, I'm sure you can tell a tremendous amount difference. I'm a beef lover and am particular about my love of the meat. How can you even begin to compare?

Bleu Cheese doesn't go that well in this case because the way it ages! It'll be too dry for a burger and you can try putting some on your burgers should you buy/make them the next them. This remark of yours makes me wonder.

Lastly, I mourn for your lack in observation towards details as it gives me lack in confidence your blog.

MissyGlutton said...


Of course all of us are entitled to our individual opinions, which is why we have our own blogs, aka diary entries of different genres.

I do think simple food are hardest to prepare, perfect and find.

I did cut them up but into bit – able sizes and tasted them and found them what I said they were.

I like white onions, I just find the red one I had was slightly “tangier” than what I had preferred.

I am saying the overall experience of De Burg is like the usual of my experiences in Macdonald’s. As friends of mine would know, I do not care for Mac burgers unless there was a kid involved.

I am sure you are a foodie. And I could be less of one than you, but never the less, like my food. I do think bleu cheese would give an extra “oomph” which I was looking for. There is not much to wonder about, I think each of us have different tastes in stuffs, now food.

Lack in observation towards details… Well I can only say what I had experienced or not.

Charlie said...

This Bitch don' know what she's talking about lol

MissyGlutton said...

Hi Charlie,

"This Bitch" prefer such language not used.

To all the fans of De Burg, you had your experiences and I had mine. I am sure there are a lot of people with different experiences at that place. Unfortunately, I did not have the experience which most fans seemed to had. I do not mind others challenging about my tastes or experiences, but do not use languages which are offensive.