Sunday, March 29, 2009

Azabu Sabo (The Central) .. (16th Mar 2009)

hi hi people who are reading... or just seeing the pictures... I had semi lost my desire to write... so let's see what I can write on this...

Matcha Milk shake

I felt that there is a different in the standards of each individual branch. The Matcha Milk shake here is slightly less "greentea'ish" than the one I had Marina Sq. I felt it is more a Milk shake with some Matcha powder, even though it looked rather greentea'ish on the whole.

Matcha Milk shake - IMG_2636

Lunch set

Lunch set - IMG_2615 copy

Unatama Don

Unatama Don - IMG_2621

Spicy Tantan Ramen

This wasn't spicy, so don't get tricked by the name of it. At the frist taste, I felt this was too soupy. The noodles was quite chewy or Q Q one. For the little amount that I paid, I am okay with the little minced pork and leeks swimming like little guppies in a big ocean. I enjoyed having the soup afterwards.

Spicy Tantan Ramen - IMG_2631

Spicy Tantan Ramen - IMG_2639

Okonomi - Yaki with seafood

Usually I love this... however, I cannot get over the bitter taste of the lettuce or cabbage they used for this dish. So I just eat this, because I have to pay for it.

Okonomi - Yaki with seafood - IMG_2642 copy

Okonomi - Yaki with seafood - IMG_2654

And we moved on to desserts!!!

Black sesame warabi-mochi parfait

Black sesame warabi-mochi parfait - IMG_2662


I wasn't in mood for ice cream, so I decided to go for a mixture of everything without the ice cream. And I love the brown syrup that come along with it.... I felt this was a very colorful and beautiful dish. :) I enjoy this quite a bit. :D

ShiraMitsu - IMG_2665 copy

ShiraMitsu - IMG_2674

If you are going for something cheap and good, this is a great place to go.

Save on lunch and get their daily lunch sets, but do not miss their wonderful desserts!!!


ladyironchef said...

oh dear, writer's block? nvm, it will go away soon :)

ladyironchef said...

hello, i tried to look around your site for your email, but i couldn't seem to find it! What email can I contact u at? It's regarding a coming up food blogger lunch : ) Send me a email to yeah? thanks


seemlouder said...

ask permission to attach green tea milkshake picture on my blog, because it's the best picture that represent the beverage..

Camemberu said...

Oh no, what happened? Are you not posting anymore? :( Come back!

MissyGlutton said...

ladyironchef was writer's block. And not much inspiration from the food in Singapore.

BTW I will be away on that day. :( won't be able to make it... so regretful :(((

Seemlouder, hmm how can i help u in terms of that?

Camemberu, more like lack of inspiration. :P

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The Hungry Cow said...

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Thanks Camemberu!