Sunday, September 13, 2009

Le figue (7th Sept 2009)

Been a while since i wrote anything. Just trying to deal with things. Anyway, due to some reasons, I am a vegetarian for a month... and just another week to go! wait.. not a week... another 8 days to go (it actually decrease as I took my time to write this entry). So.... to be a vegetarian is not easy for me, esp when I want to eat anything i can smell.

I do not care too much for mock stuffs, and would definitely not purposely take this opportunity to try out the vegetarian resturants in Singapore. To put it bluntly, I am not a big fan of vegetables. I do have vegetarian friends and one of them is my regular makan kaki (aka lunch buddy). I would just drag her to the restaurants I want to try, I realized how horrible it can be now.

Due to my diet, I have a limit on what I can order when I walked into any restaurant. Even if I am not the purest of them all, I still would prefer NO FISH diet. Afterall, if a fish can speak, I am sure it would tell me that it’s not a vegetable.

I still am trying to get over the fact that a restaurant would only have 2 dishes which are somewhat vegetarian. French Onion soup (which someone informed me is NOT vegetarian) and Risotto were just starters in the menu. Gosh, how hard it is to grill, pan fried, or steamed a piece of vegetables… Or even make a starter portion into a main sized portion. I guess it was very difficult.

Walking into Le figue reminds me of a hasty-put-together-warehouse set up. Not that it is a bad thing, but I am not a big fan of see pipes running across the ceiling or rooms that reflect too much sounds. I like soft background music, non-echoing speeches around and a quiet corner.

Given only TWO choices, I had to order both, afterall I am a gal who needs her daily intake of food.

I like my bread warm, if not hot. I absolutely dislike bread which are room temperature. I have plenty of those at home. Give me nicely sliced warm bread, and I will be happy. And of course, I PREFER salted butter. I am sure a lot of places do care so much for the health of Singaporeans, but give me the choice of “live to eat” rather than “eat to live”.

Classic french onion soup, Gruyere cheese and it's toast

I enjoyed this soup. I always felt onions are so marvelous, to have such sweet flavor without having to put in additional sugar. I do felt there ought to be slightly more liquid in this dish, it is a soup after all.

Mixed berries with passionfruit sorbet

Was given this to cleanse my taste buds. I thought it sounded slightly sourish… but found it sweet. Surprisingly, I always tot something to cleanse would be sourish.

Rissotto of cepes, green onion, parmigiano and black summer truffles

WOW, this is one of my favorite Rissottos I ever tried. After the one I had in Perth, Australia, I wasn’t able to find another which I really enjoyed. Unlike most ppl, I always prefer my risotto cooked slightly longer, and with less bites to it. YES, I am getting old… I think I would need to get my dentures soon.

When the dish came, I saw the mushroom and I thought the piece of mushroom was my favorite foie gras. But after poking it around and also asking the service staff, I confirmed that my dream was dashed, it was indeed a mushroom. Wonderfully done was this mushroom (frist portion). I had enjoyed the risotto so much and because of the small starter portion, that I had to order another one.

Maybe it was just me, but I felt the second portion, which was supposed to be similar to the frist, used a different type of mushrooms. And unlike the frist portion, it had retained slightly more liquid and it was like a small dam breaking thru when I cut into it. I like the risotto without the addittonal liquid which changed the flavor ever so slightly, yet detectable.

On the whole, I felt the service can be improved. Maybe they are still new and the staff are still not familiar with the setup. I would definitely give it another try, just because my FRIST order of risotto was very well done.


Max said...

Good to see a new blog post :) I am sorry this restaurant did not have a lot of choices for your diet. But I am very glad to hear that the first risotto potion was so good!

Camemberu said...

Yay! Great to see you posting again! Your diet should be over by now?

aaron said...

Hello there!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you down for a food tasting at our Japanese restaurant.

Do let me know if you're keen. You can contact me at

Hope to hear from you. (: