Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Piao Ji Fish Porridge (17th Nov 2008)

A Teochew style fish soup!!!

okie... I am on a budget lately.... so I basically have to cut down on my spending esp on food :P so my friend jio (asked) me out for fish soup....

And this is what he recommended. As it was a rainy day... might be the reason why the queue was shorter than usual....

Piao ji fish porridge - DSC_6367

Look at the different awards they had got !

THE awards... - DSC_6372

Here are some of the sauces they give along with their soup...

The sauces - DSC_6378

The Uncle who cook each individual bowl upon order! Because it's only cooked one bowl at a time and upon order... it would take longer than alot of places... esp when the uncle only have 1 pot on the stove at a time... but the Q moved quite quickly and the nice auntie who would chit chat with us made the wait bearable :D

The uncle preparing my soup - DSC_6374

look at the steamy hot soup!

Preparing my soup - DSC_6384

Preparing my soup - DSC_6376

And my fish and prawn soup! *yummy*

Fish and Prawn soup - DSC_6394

Fish and Prawn soup and rice - DSC_6401

The best part of the soup

Fish and Prawn soup - DSC_6409

I think this stall is not too bad... but I still prefer the one at maxwell

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