Monday, November 10, 2008

Emicakes @ Teck Chye (5th Nov 2008)

After learning that the thai restaurant did not have any dessert, I went and got some desserts from a few doors down.... Considering this is a rather popular... not that I understand why was it popular among some ppl I know.... it is definitely a "can be MUCH better" place.

I had Ultimate Brownie Delight all to myself :P

Hey I love chocolate and I ain't sharing... plus my lunch partners did say they do not want any... :P so it's all mine!!!

Ultimate Brownie Delight - DSC_4394

Ultimate Brownie Delight - DSC_4393

but I share my D24 Crepe... I don't think this is good at all... I had better ones... the durian paste seemed more like flour with durian flavouring than real durians....

D24 Crepe - DSC_4395

I don't think this is a shop i would go quite often... but I had something from them (from a previous occasion) which I am semi satisfied... though not totally AND I paid thru my nose for it!!!

Bday Cake...

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