Monday, November 10, 2008

Tong Ah Seafood Restaurant (3rd Nov 2008)

Decide to go into town to get some thing... so asked if a fren would like to join me... and she's interested to have MY favorite tea... so went to the tea place! :p

My friend had this "Sam Lo Hor Fun", which personally I thought was too healthy... but it actually tasted quite good... :) the fish was decently fresh... and the hor fun was fried with just enough sauce and I only got a mouthful.... :( I should go back for this :)

lots of beansprouts... - DSC_4251

lots of fish... DSC_4249

Hokkien Mee Zichar style!!! :P this is the different version of the usual hokkien "prawn" mee that one would get in the hawker centre or food court. I looooove this version.. *yummy* I actually asked for less noodles and more ingredients... but they somehow messed up my order... and gave me more noodles and less ingredients... I can't finish it :(

Hokkien mee - DSC_4240

my noodles are slipping... - DSC_4254

looks not that tasty ... - DSC_4245

I think this is a great place to have lunch followed by some fantastic milk tea from the same place :)


Max said...

The too many noodles sounds like a simple mistake. Hopefully you will be able to go back and they will get your special request right a couple of times to make up for messing it up this time.

MissyGlutton said...

Max yeah I know :) I will go back... but not this week...

ladyironchef said...

this one is a tea place? haha. i don't fancy this type of flat hokkien noodles, still preferred the round noodles

MissyGlutton said...

haha it's my Teh place :p
round noodles are okay... but I prefer this type and EE mee :p