Monday, November 17, 2008

Hong Kong Street Hock Kee Fish-Head Steamboat (16th Nov 2008 )

Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll
I ordered this from the stall that happened to be at the same place.
It wasn't the best.. though it was sold by a vietnamese lady.
I guess being a vietnamese don't mean you are able to make real good vietnamese food.

Vietnamese Rice Paper roll - DSC_6192

Sam Lo Hor Fun
I didn't think this was all that great. Though the fish was fresh... and my friend felt that it should be done with slightly more gravy.
Sam Lo Hor Fun - DSC_6185

Hokkien Noodles... I think this is quite good.... I usually have this or the Ee mee at this place :D Could be getting used to the taste.

Hokkien Noodles - DSC_6171

Fish head soup!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE fish head soup!
but not everyone can do it well.... esp fish soup is quite tricky esp with so many people who doesn't like the fishy taste and it could be worse if the fish is not fresh...
Fish head soup - DSC_6194

Last of all... my order!!! EE mee... I been having this for the past week daily! I think I might need to change to another dish... :D I meant it was good... but having it everyday...

Ee Mee - DSC_6180

This is one of my favorite zi char place in Singapore... I am not a fan of zi char... not alot of places can convince me that Zi char is a good dining place... I don't like crowd... I don't like people talking loudly... and most important of all, i don't like ppl yelling orders to the kitchen! :p


ladyironchef said...

nice picture of the rice roll! but then hor, there are so many Hong Kong street around that its hard to know which one is the "authentic" and better ones.

MissyGlutton said...

ladyironchef, thank you.
I know there are alot of Hong Kong St... but i tot it's just part of their name :D didn't think they actually would think ppl would just associate them with the great food from Hong Kong :P

ivan said...

This stall is ok especially if you order the noodles. I happen to like the Sam Lor Hor Fun because of the wok hei. The gravy is sufficiently integrated for me.

You should try the dry Beef Hor Fun of this stall. Superb wok hei and generous beef.

Of course, I'm a regular... :)

Kit said...

Sadly, they've moved in Sept 2009. And I don't know where they've moved to. Anyone knows?