Thursday, November 13, 2008

HOTSHOT (10th Nov 2008)

Tried this... after reading a food blog... I dragged a fren to go all the way there to have this for lunch...
Unfortunately I didn't really like it... Maybe red meat is not for me... dare not ask my fren... hopefully it was good for her.

Name of the place ... DSC_5201

Twister fries
Made with real potatoes and seasoned with spices... I thought this was pretty goood... considering the last time I had it was at some A & W... which was at Holland Village... Gosh i miss their root beer float....
Twister fries - DSC_5213
Twister fries - DSC_5203

Hotshots's Irish Nachos
Cris-cut fries, salsa, creamy cheese sauce and ground beef... Nachos... I still prefer my nacho chips!!! no cris cross french fries pretending to be my nice slim and crunchy chips!!! and the cheese is worse than those bottled ones... and the ground beer is of a pathetic small amount... and let's not even talk about the salsa... might as well don't give. Cheese fries would work too :P at least I won't think it was some nacho with salsa and cheese !
Hotshots's Irish Nachos - DSC_5216

Char grilled lamb patty with Lettuce and onion.
with VERY little mint sauce... :p or is it none?!?! From the look of it, I don't think there was any mint sauce. And there is a rather "gamey" taste to it. I rather not have it, after having a small taste of it... it looked dried and not juicy at all... and there is only a pathetic lettuce leaf... come on!!! I am sure u can do better than that!
Lamburghini - DSC_5243
Lamburghini - DSC_5244

Crispy Burger Melt
Flame-grilled beef burger topped with sliced mushrooms, crispy crunchy bacon bits creamy cheese sauce and mayonnaise.
This is not too bad.... but I wish there are more mushrooms and sauce or mayonnaise given... *sigh* what a waste of my tummy space and time!
Crispy Burger Melt - DSC_5225
Crispy Burger Melt - DSC_5239

Waiting card - DSC_5198

it's not worth the wait... I don't think I would want to try this again... with so many other stalls there... I think it's a waste of my tummy space to have this at any other opportunities.... unless they improve ALOT!

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