Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Chefs eating place (25th Nov 2008)

I heard about this place from my co workers... I meant they are supposed to be quite good, from the blog entry of a person...

Name of the place - DSC_7241

Hokkien mee zi char style
I still prefer the stall that's just a stone throw away...

Hokkien mee zi char style - DSC_7192

Sambal Potato leaves

Sambal Potato leaves - DSC_7202

Golden Mushroom Beancurd - special... cause they supposed to have made their own beancurd... but it wasn't anything special

Golden Mushroom Beancurd - DSC_7209

Golden Mushroom Beancurd - DSC_7204

Butter Ribs
This is supposed to be the famous dish.. I think they are featured in the newspaper... one of the sunday edition...

Butter Ribs - DSC_7219

Drunken cockles
I would not say it's good... but the right word to use would be different... they are not the usual throw in the water and boil types...

Drunken cockles - DSC_7228

Name of the place n the look of it...
Name of the place - DSC_7180

yes, the Butter ribs are quite good... but then it wasn't that great when I packed some home for my dad... so... if you want to have good food, make sure it eaten while it's hot.
I like my food BETTER when it's hot and GOOD still when it's room temp :P
Give it a try, if u want.. but once would be enough for me.

Please don't tell my regular zi char store I been to this place for dinner...

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