Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ROC Pizza (22nd Nov 2008)

I saw someone's blog on this pizza stall, decided to give it a try.... I always like young people who ventured into own business, esp food businesses. Young people would usually give quite good new ideas to how to produce a food, and most of them would start with great passion. :D

Dough n rolling pin - DSC_7085

Here is the chef making my pizza!! :D
Spreading the sauce - DSC_7070
Spreading the cheese - DSC_7105

Chicken Sausage with mushroom pizza
Chicken sausage with mushrooms pizza - DSC_7083
Chicken sausage with mushrooms pizza - DSC_7113

Cheese Pizza
Cheese pizza - DSC_7093

I think this pizza is a great idea :D I always love thin crust pizza... this is more like biscuit crust :D which is quite good with some wine and beer. Serve it when you get a few frens (which I did) to share, so you can order a few types. I think the chicken sausages with mushroom pizza is fantastic. Would definitely go for it again :D

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