Sunday, November 30, 2008

China St Hainanese Curry Rice (26th Nov 2008)

*yummy* I had been introduced to this stall by a fren who is not working in Singapore anymore.... but she is at a better place with more choices of food *envy*

I think this is one of the better Hainanese Curry Rice in Singapore... other than another one some where near to Somewhere... I might try to make an effort to go there soon...

Look at the line of ppl waiting for their wonderful food....

Name of the stall - DSC_7245

one of the guy who is serving the long line of ppl waiting...

The other stall owner - DSC_7248

A look at what they have to offer...

The stall - DSC_7251The stall - DSC_7260The stall - DSC_7252

Rice with lots of curry gravy
This is definitely a must have!!! and also with LOTS of gravy!!! :D

Rice with lots of curry gravy - DSC_7287

Stewed cabbage
looks oily... but taste fantastic :D

Stewed cabbage - DSC_7263

Stewed meatball...
this is excellent!!!! Thinking about it made me drool.... someone need to wipe the floor later...

MeatBall - DSC_7270

Stewed beancurd

Stewed beancurd - DSC_7283

Pork chop
another of my favorite... *yummy* dipped with the gravy ...

Pork chop - DSC_7278

This guy is quite an entertainer :D always up for a nice shot!!

The funny stall owner - DSC_7254

Although I am not a fan of hawker centre... esp crowded ones... but good ones will lure me out of my cave... and this is one of them... though as a hermit... the crowd was slightly overwhelming for me...

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