Monday, November 10, 2008

Ratana Thai Seafood Restaurant (5th Nov 2008)

A friend decided to choose this thai restaurant for our lunch today... and it happened to be the one that was opened by a Thai lady who had married a Singaporean... she was on some local talk show, and ever since then, I was looking for a chance to visit her place... not that I exactly know where it was... I tot I might need to do some research on it... so I am glad I was given the chance to try her cooking :)

I am definitely ready to eat!! - DSC_4316

Green Mango Salad , Lots of crunchy green mango slices... and lots of little dried shrimps... and the sauce was sweet and spicy!! :P I think the dried shrimps really made this dish unique... it made an impression on me :D

Green Mango Salad - DSC_4302

Thai fish Cake.

I never like thai fish cake... i think it's too hard to chew... The lady claimed it's some really fresh fish which can only be used to make this, only if they are really fresh. Personally... if i want to know if a fish is fresh or not... I will have it steamed hong kong style!!! :p

Thai fish cake - DSC_4334

Pineapple rice... Nothing special... Just another pineapple rice... :) but it went well with the rest of the dishes :D

Pineapple rice - DSC_4322

Seafood tom yum... this was really really spicy... even when we asked for little spice... I couldn't take too much of it... cause it burnt my tongue really bad. I think I will order the milky one next time... at least it will not be that spicy. I am surprised that I am not able to take that much spicy stuffs....

Seafood tom yam - DSC_4340

Fried Bean Curd with Thai style sauce..

Fried Bean Curd with Thai style Sauce - DSC_4370

Deep Fish Garlic style... I looooooooooooooooooooooove this fish. I like it because it's soooooo grumpy... I suspected it doesn't really want to be my lunch for the day.... but then too bad... Anyway it's was deep fried to the way I like, with some bones that are even eatable. :p

Garlic fish - DSC_4357

Lastly... someone had to include this... not that I had touched any leaves more than I would usually do... it's okay... just another dish of fried veggie... :P

Thai style fried baby Kailan - DSC_4386

If u are looking for cheap and authentic Thai food... you might want to try here. But i will not make any special efforts just to come here for this :P

And BTW they do not have desserts.... <BR>

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