Thursday, October 23, 2008

Galicier Confectionery @ Tiong Bahru (18th Oct 2008)

A Bakery which I wanted to visit for a while... old fashioned and with so many colourful pastries... just what I like!! *yummy*

Fatt gou/ Huat kueh / 發糕
I like the purple ones... they are the plain ones... but the pink and the orange ones has stuffing in them. To me... a Huat Kueh is a simple thing.. so in order to attract people to eat them, we can always make it really colourful... I ever steamed some before... and it was REALLY simple :D

Fatt gou/ Huat kueh / 發糕 - DSC_1909

Fatt gou/ Huat kueh / 發糕 - DSC_1917

Fatt gou/ Huat kueh / 發糕 - DSC_1922

Peanut spread puff thingie ... I know there is a perfectly good name for this puff... but personally I didn't like it enough to go find out what it is. I felt the layer of peanut butter was too thin and the puff would be better, if it's of cookie hardness.

Peanut spread puff thingie - DSC_1902

I think out of all the stuffs they were selling... the one that impressed me the most was this RETRO cupcake they were selling... Cause I was so impressed with the fact they are still able to keep this going... I got one but left it someone's car... :(

Cupcake - DSC_1912

I will have to head back there to try some of their traditional kueh kuehs :) I was rather full from the duck meal I had before coming here... :P

Kueh Lapis - Nonya (9 layer cake) (娘惹九層糕)

Kueh Lapis - Nonya (9 layer cake) (娘惹九層糕)- DSC_1924

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