Friday, October 10, 2008

Saint Pierre (2nd Oct 2008)

"Take away the cute chef and what do u have left of this restaurant? " I paraphrased it from a conversation I had with another person... (better don't name, hehe)

In celebration of Children's day... and also the starting of my favorite month of the year... :D paid a visit to one of my favorite french place in Singapore.... which i had not been since last oct.... :P
I like it's calming (excluding the kitchen) and the somewhat quiet environment the restaurant is providing. Though I have to agree, a cute chef does make me happier and eager to vist this place more often.

Upon my request, my fren decided to go with me on this visit :D Thank you fren! :p And I WAS planning to get the set lunch... but was lured by the ala carte instead :p

Some bread and butter to start : )

butter - DSC_0225

One of everything please !! :) how can i resist wonderful bread!! :D (greedy me :D )

BREAD!!! - DSC_0234

Who can resist free food... esp when it come from a wonderful kitchen :D

Our Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche - DSC_0268

Amuse Bouche - DSC_0261

My dining partner, aka the one who dis my favorite cute chef hehe :D(I am just being notti here), had Raviole De Crabe Royal
Raviole De Crabe Royal - DSC_0279
while I had my Terrine De Foie Gras. I am a super duck/goose liver fan... but this really turn me off.... I would definitely not order this. maybe it's the cubes of lean chicken meat ... I don't like lean chicken meat!! Chicken breasts should be banned from my menu :p Please don't tell my Doctors about it. Thank you :D
Terrine De Foie Gras - DSC_0317
Terrine De Foie Gras - DSC_0321
Terrine De Foie Gras - DSC_0306
so... following the disappointment... I continued with
Rougets En Tempura (yummy!) I like this .... maybe because it's deep fried :p
Nay!! that's only one reason. The red mullet fillet was delicious ! :P and so was tiger prawn :P of course the mushrooms and edamame beans did make up a small part of the reason why i liked it.
Rougets En Tempura - DSC_0337

Rougets En Tempura - DSC_0349

Okie... I realized that my dining partner is easily tempted by food :p esp ham and cheese.... hehehe
so when she saw this... how could she resist!!
Ham - DSC_0328
so she had to order.... *rolleyes*
Ham n tomatoes - DSC_0358

Ham n tomatoes - DSC_0351

And it was served by a rather young cute but grumpy chef.... :p
Mango and Lavender Sorbet - DSC_0389
We were given a Mango and lavender sorbet (which is more mangoieee than mango-lavenderieee) to cleanse .... can I have more please... :p
by now... we were ready!! ready for the white truffle rissotto!!! :p *yummy* risotto.... white truffle... FOOD!!!

White Truffle Risotto - DSC_0392

White Truffle Risotto - DSC_0414

White Truffle Risotto - DSC_0409

Nothing can be compared to the frist taste .... this is definitely a dish that can be done better....
Petits Fours - DSC_0442
Lastly followed by our Petit Fours.... it was too much a disappointment....
My macronS!!!! they had the horrible taste of ham!!!!!! my poor macarons *sobS* i only had a bite... eben though they had given me 3!! *wails* no fair!!
Petits Fours (Macaron) - DSC_0431
My conclusion :-
Definitely a good place to go if u want to impress, but for better food.... maybe somewhere else.


David Koh said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, your photography is amazing! Def looking forward to your future posts.

MissyGlutton said...

David , Thank you :)

superfinefeline said...

I love your pics! They look like they belong in a glossy food mag!