Friday, October 31, 2008

The White Rabbit (28th Oct 2008)

Name of the place - DSC_3508

Had a rather horrible morning at work... decide to go for some comfort food... Heard about this place for a while... Tot it would make a good place to spend some time to indulge in my favorite hobby :)

The sign - DSC_3646

A basket of bread... which should I chooose... okie I went with my favorite ... Walnut.

Bread basket - DSC_3510Walnut bread - DSC_3513

Shallot Tart Tatin (served with parma ham and a delicate Roquefort cheese parfait.)
I think it is a very very nice dish... I had been a huge fan of bacon and oso caramlized shallots... along with the roquefort cheese parfait... *YUMMY* That's also the reason why I am posting a few more shots of this dish... cause I thought it was really good and would like to share all it's glory at all angles to u. :)

Shallot Tart Tatin - DSC_3532

Shallot Tart Tatin - DSC_3544

Shallot Tart Tatin - DSC_3549

Smoked salmon waldorf... I felt really bad for not finishing this dish... not because of the guilt that I am not eating my supposed intake quanity of veggies, but it's because the service staff (at least 3 times) came and enquired the reason for me not finishing the dish... and I kept repeating :" I am not a fan of vegetables" Saying that, I still like to say the lettuces were really fish and the cucumber strips were tasted great with the slightly sourish cream.

Smoked salmon waldorf - DSC_3562

Lamb Navarin (Braised lamb leg served with baby carrots, boiled potatoes.) I like my meat soft... something like melt in the mouth soft... nothing that need to be chewed on. This is dish is okay. I like the vegetables that came along the ride. I always prefer a heavier sauce.

Lamb Navarin - DSC_3580

Lamb Navarin - DSC_3571

Peas in Fear!!! haha but like one of my frens commented "well, if this is yours, they have nothing to fear" . But unknown to my frens, I looooooooove peas, carrots all the "winter" vegetables :D so I had hunt all of them down and ate them. wa ha ha ha I think I am slightly sicko to be having fun at the expense of some peas. *grins*
Peas in fear!  - DSC_3588

Good desserts are always appreciated deeply by most people. I am quite a picky person when it comes to desserts.
Mars Bar Souffle (Served with hazelnut creme anglaise and chocolate sorbet.)
... it definitely worth the 20 mins wait!! VERY VERY THE NICE lor!!!
Mars Bar Souffle - DSC_3606

Mars Bar Souffle - DSC_3619

With the sweetness of the dessert, I vowed to return... to this wonderful place for their dessert
the doorway - DSC_3641

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