Thursday, October 16, 2008

Novus (11th Oct 2008)

A geat lunch.... which is unfortunately too short... I hate the fact that I am not able to enjoy my lunch and my lunch chat with my mentor. He had been so busy, and we were only able to catch up today... maybe when he's lesss busy. :D

One thing about my mentor is he is willing to share his portion of food with me :)

So I picked this place because it was near the place where I was going to attend a lecture...

Name of the place - DSC_1379

I had a good impression of this place... and I decided to intro it to my mentor and hope he will enjoy this place as well :D
A basket of bread... we have the regular baguette slices, a bun and this really unique dark brown looking thing... which is actually a coco bun.... I loooooooove chocoate... but a coco bun... it really tasted weird.... cause it's not sweet, it has this "not nice" bitterness to it. I rather have my regular baguette slices anytime.

Bread basket - DSC_1383

Pan-fried Foie gras with parsnip root creme, hazelnut and cacao

surprise surprise... I didn't order this :P I only have a small bit of it... but it was delicious :D I didn't like the potato mash thingie (which was actually parsnip root creme ) ... :P but i think the foie gras was well done... :D Though we are quite surprised at the usage of strawberry, which is like... so out of place here... in this plating...

Pan-fried Foie gras - DSC_1399

Pan-fried scallops with Orange compote and shiso...

okie... scallops.... if it is done well... it will be good... but then if it's not... it would what be what it was in this dish... I didn't like it. I felt the middle part was not done properly. But it's not too bad.... the onions at the bottom taste good too. It must be eaten along with the scallops... cause the scallops are rather tasteless in the middle.

It made a good photography subject :p

Pan-fried scallops - DSC_1410

Pan-fried scallops - DSC_1422

Truffle Risoni with Baby Spinach and Quail Egg

I think the spinach would be better if it's wilted spinach. :P I don't like raw vegetables too much... Quail eggs are nice..... only if they come in dozens!!! there is only one pc.... okie... back to the carbo side of this dish, the risoni is actually risotto shaped pasta... it's just like little rice looked alike pasta. I felt that it's like tricking me... Cause I bit really hard like I would to rice... and ended up grinding my teeth... :p

Truffle Risoni  - DSC_1451

Venison with chestnuts, red cabbage and baked semolina dumplings

I don't like chestnuts :P no no no!! don't like don't like!!! :p okie... i don't like red cabbage more!! all don't like!!!! But I like venison !!! soft, tender, chewy but not hard, done almost perfect, very good indeed. the only thing lacking is some fat. Rather lean, but it's not tough. Is it supposed to be lean?

and I oso like baked semolina dumplings... whatever it might be...

Vension - DSC_1433

Strawberry Yogurt Parfait with lace biscuit and avocado ice cream

This dessert was good, except the avocado ice cream... maybe it's because of the strawberry yogurt parfait, that's why I am not able to taste the avocado ice cream :P It's a sweet SWEET dessert... btw I was quite sick and had ate so many Strepsils, that I numbed my tongue... and throat... :P

Strawberry Yogurt Parfait - DSC_1492

Fresh apple berry crisp with Raspberry Compote and Maple vanilla ice cream.

this is like chinese fried popiah... with apple in it. :P the maple ice cream was nice :P This whole dessert was great... I am almost jealous but I had a bite of it hehe :D so I am NOT that jealous about it... :P next time I will order this.

Fresh apple berry crisp - Fresh apple berry crisp - DSC_1480

I think this is a great place to go for a nice relaxing meal.. :) the price is quite good too. :D With the skills of

the one who made it possible - DSC_1380

I had enjoyed myself and the good food there :D


Camemberu said...

Wow you have been eating well! And so much foie gras lately! *envy*

MissyGlutton said...

camemberu : it was supposed to be a series of REALLY good food leading to my bday.... but I got quite sick and had to cancel alot of meals... :(