Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zhong Xing Fu Zhou fishball @ Maxwell Market (18th Oct 2008)

2nd part of lunch :D I looooooooooooooove the pork dumplings from this stall :P I always have to order the pork dumplings a few weeks before the Chinese New year!!! They actually reject anyone who did not order... I got that cruel rejection once, hence learned my lesson well. I always pre ordered by calling them at least 2 months in advance :P hehehe I hope my fren will visit me during this CNY, then I can share with his family and him this delicious dumplings and fishballs.

They are actually quite a famous stall selling Lor mee (the dark dark sticky sticky stew with noodles) and this Sesame sauce noodles. I tried both before, wasn't as impressed as I was with their dumplings and fishballs.

This is the uncooked version of their famous FuZhou fishballs... It's different from the regular fishballs you would buy in those supermarkets. These are actually fishballs with minced meat in center. I love the "oh-so-little-a-sip" stock in it... it's so yummy... and can be quite hot too.

Fuzhou fish ball - DSC_1978

And on the left is my favorite FAVORITE FAVORITE meat dumplings... My mom would say that these are "meat jelly" (direct translation from hokkien)... to me.. it's just meat dumplings... and it's my top utmost favorite meat dumplings in the world!!! that's till I turned into a vegetarian, which is another miracle that might never happen in my life time.

And on the right is some dried up meat balls... my family are not really keen on that, so we rarely have that.

Meat dumplings & meat balls - DSC_1980

OH! and that's my dad's favorite and my mom's favorite... and by the time they had their turns at taking... I am only left with... aLOT!! haha cause I always buy more than enough for everyone and a few extra me!!

Meat Dumplings - DSC_2012

It might not be everyone's dish... but it is certainly mine. If u might want to try it soon, just so you can consider to buy some for the steamboat meal for the next Chinese New year!!

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