Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pietrasanta - The Italian Restaurant (13th Oct 2008)

Feeling really under the weather... and have to have vegetarian meals for today.... so I decide to have italian and I thought I should give Pietrasanta another chance.... It's close to my work place... and I really want to get a meal and then head back into my nice and cosy office... where I had turned off the air condition. It was a bad week for me... I was so sick that week... I broke so many of my illness records... Everyone around me noticed that I was falling sick more often than usual... I think I had to go for a full body check up... BTW, I think there is a serious problem with the "manager" lookalike person there... Why? cause he QUICK paced back into the aircon part of the restaurant when he saw me walking towards the restaurant wearing a mask (which I always try to wear when i am sick!!! ) WTH!! I sat in the open air area... so i will be NOT sharing my virus with ppl when i take off my mask.
I was planning a week of GOOD food... but I ended up only having one or two meals... which I absolutely not care for... except for the mains at Pietrasanta.

Name of the place - DSC02644

okie... this bun lookalike were bread served to us COLD!

Bread - DSC02645

Melanzane al Forno - Baked layered eggplant with Mozzarella, Tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese.
Okie... I like eggplant, I like Mozzarella, I like Parmesan cheese... I can forgive tomato sauce. This is a normal dish... which is done in the usual okay way. Not "wow"ie.. but not "yuck"ie either.

Melanzane al Forno - DSC02659

Zuppa di Farro - Emmer Wheat soup with Beans, Potatoes, Carrots, Celeries and onions.
This is a SUPER healthy SUper vegetarian and super beans filled soup.... Personally, I thought it was a stew... The portion was huge... And every spoonful, there will be at least 3 beans in it... I like it... but I would prefer less beans and maybe a slightly less hearty portion. The service staff told me it's creamy!!! and i ended up with this ...

Zuppa di Farro - DSC02650

If u know me well.... I would and CANNOT resist ordering either Risotto or Gnocchi... but luckily I have good friends who are soooooooooooooo nice to order one or the other, just so I can try both.

Risotto Ai Porcini - Italian Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms
I was sick.... What can be better than cantonese congee... A nice good creamy italian Risotto.
I can take this almost anytime and anywhere... except for badly done ones... :P which this was definitely not! Lovely LOVELY LOVELY!

Risotto Ai Porcini  - DSC02673

Fettuccine di Castagne ai Porcini - Home made chestnut Gnocchi tossed with Porcini Mushroom.
I don't know why.. but I kept thinking this would come out green.... so I was rather disappointed when i saw it was brown... just like my risotto... Well.... the taste was great though... :P the gnocchi was done well.... and if you don't tell me it's chestnut (which is not my favorite) I won't know. Very nice indeed.

Fettuccine di Castagne ai Porcini - DSC02660

This place gives me mixed feelings... I can't say I LOVE it... but I won't say I hate it. The service staff were great, other than the "manager" person who actually came out said hi to every other table, but turned and walked away from my table!!!! .....
The mains were good... but i think I would have to kiss many more toads... before I will get a good starters from this place...

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