Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yi Jia Teochew Fish Soup@ Maxwell Market (18th Oct 2008)

After announcing the 2nd theme to the Photo Marathon..... the group of us decided that Chinatown would be where we will go... So ... Chinatown... I am was looking for something soupy...

1st of 3 parts lunch @ maxwell market... Fish Slices soup.... cause most of the other fishy stuffs are sold out... :P

The nice uncle cooking my fish slice soup...

Cooking my soup - DSC_1973

Raw Fish Slices - Some of these went into my soup...

Raw fish slices - DSC_1960

The Sauces that can go along with the fish soup....supposed to take away the fishy taste... but i didn't taste any of those tastes....

Stuffs to go along - DSC_1964

My pathetic bowl of rice... Cause I know I am ordering some other stuffs... I didn't want to stuff myself with plain rice, when I have so many other choices available.
My bowl of rice - DSC_2008

My Bowl of fantastically good fish soup... this would be the place I go for, should I want any clear teochew style fish soup *yummy* delicious indeed.

Fish soup - DSC_2001

If you are in that Maxwell area, and would like something light and tasty.. or even something with lots of Lards (which I had plenty dump into my soup), try this Yi Jia Teochew Fish Soup stall :D
I would advise anyone to go early... or you might miss out all the good parts that I had... *sobs*


Erik said...

What sort of fish was that?

MissyGlutton said...

hi Erik, thanks for stopping by. I went down to the stall and asked what was the fish. and they told me it's a type of Mackeral. :D